My Night at the Ballet 6: The Hybrid’s Serum

Ruby took a deep breath, and  knocked. Olivia and Allegra were having  their memory of magic removed, because it could be dangerous, and if they were captured… well, let’s just say it could end up in mass destruction. And so, Ruby and lily convinced their parents that Olivia and Allegra were ill, and were taking them to the doctor, but really, they were just getting their minds rid of magic. While Ruby stayed with the twins, Lily had  gone to see if there was someone who would know what the injection was. Hopefully, they would find someone who has an idea. Anyway, then, with magic successfully removed from their mind, they would maybe have a cake, or a victory something. a creak interrupted her train of thought. “Are you Madame Beatrice, the memory remover?” She asked. “Yes.” She answered., in a heavy French accent “Come.” She showed them in. “Whose memory is being removed, and what is it of?” She asked. “Well, the other day, someone informed them that we were magic. That person told them everything about their magic, and now if a witch or someone captures her, then… well, we hope you understand.” Ruby replied. “Well, I can do that., but I must first ask you some questions. You never know, if I am in a god mood, then I might do it for free.” Asked Madame Beatrice. Ruby took a moment to think about it. Then she replied: “Agreed.” if she didn’t want to answer, she could always lie, right?


As lily walked down the street, she looked around for indications of magic. She had stopped at her friend’s house, and, as she was a Seer, and Daisy had given her a cup of hot chocolate, and had quickly made her a device in the shape of sunglasses to allow her to See magic. Lily had rushed back to the mall, and was in the process of looking at shops for any trace of magic anywhere, which was annoying because we were in the natural world, and few people resided there. As she was about to give up all ideas of magic searching when she saw a dark alleyway. She stepped inside it, and saw a shop. She stepped inside, and saw… nothing. All there was, was a  dusty shelf with a box that was collecting dust, and an old lady. The old lady ignored her, and lily was walking out  the shop, when suddenly, the lady cackled. A bright light flashed, and Lily was knocked unconscious. The last thing she saw was The old lady morphing into Queen Ingrid the Evil.


“Why were they in the magic world?” Asked Beatrice. Me and Sophie had decided to take an adventure, but we got lost. My other sister, Rosie, had decided to come and find us. “Ruby replied. “And what happened?” Asked Beatrice. “Well, we were walking through the woods, trying to figure a way out, but-“ Ruby was cut off when Beatrice laughed. “Tell the truth, little girl! I can tell that you have been ly iing to me.” Ruby Franticly did the only thing that she could, and Stepped into Allegra’s body, and then Joined Allegra with Olivia. (An Aliras Skill: Possession. They rarely use it, as it is unkind to take someone’s will.) She did it just in time, as The Witch threw a Potion over them. Luckily, they mostly looked like Ruby, save the slightly curlier hair, and brighter blue eyes. The Witch turned, and saw these few differences. “What is different with you?” she asked, mid throw, the evil look gone of her face. “Its part of the story, and you were not supposed to notice, so can we get on with the story?” Replied RubyAllegraOlivia. “Right. Where were we? Ah yes. Mwahahahhahahaha!” She lifted the potion, and threw the contents over RubyAllegraOlivia, and they were all instantly knocked out.


Lily woke with a start in a dusty room. She quickly looked at her surroundings. She saw a dusty bed, a dusty chair, and a dusty door that she assumed was leading to a bathroom. She opened it, and to her surprise, saw a passageway. She walked along it, to find herself in a grand room. “Olivia, is it?” Asked the Figure on the throne. Lily could not tell who it was, as her face was cast in shadow.. “No, actually.” Lily was taken by surprise. Then, she had an idea. “Its Olivia Simpson. Wait, it actually has more of a ring to it if you said Olivia Jumelle Casswell Simpson? Or maybe we should leave out the last part. Olivia Jumelle. Meh. I think you were right the first time, With Just plain Olivia. Or maybe I could be Tate, or potat.o Maybe just Bear. But actually it sounds better as Little bear. So lets say Olivia Jumelle Little Bear Potato Tate Casswell Simpson. But you knew all that, didn’t you, because you are smart and all knowing. You are amazing. I sense real Power inside you, its like… like…Well, its amazing. My sister told me about you, but she made you sound wicked. At first, I was scared of you. Then I realised that this was real magic. What you are doing. I mean, you are one of a kind, a Hybrid between a Portalist and Witch. I have learnt that you were so powerful that you have Mages, VGV’s, Seers, Travellers, And even have control over Leander the Aliras, the most powerful Creature in the world, why, I do not know, as I always thought that there was no point in controlling an Aliras. They don’t even have Lifesaving Powers! So, I was just wondering, why am I here? Do you plan on telling me?” Lily said it all with one breath. Ingrid stepped into the light. Lily gasped. “You!”


RubyAllegrOlivia woke with a start. They had a pain shooting down their back, and a pounding headache. Ruby quickly jumped up and unmixed all the bodies. The pain lessened, as they all took a small part of it. “Olivia and Allegra woke up, albeit slowly, and one of them started to shiver with cold. Ruby hastily looked around her surroundings, and saw a blanket, a mattress and a small table. She hastily ran to the blanket, and wrapped the twins inside it Suddenly, the door opened, and someone put a tray of food inside. The door slammed before Any of them could scramble up. Ruby went over to see what the food was. It was a soup, and some stale bread There was a jug of water, and 2 cups. Ruby brought the tray over, and cursed the gods that she was not a Seer, as she would be able to tell if the food was poisoned. She filled one cup with soup, and gave it to Allegra. the other cup she filled with water, and gave it to Olivia. As soon a they had finished, she filled the cups again, but this time she gave Olivia the soup, and Allegra the water. Finally, she finished what was left.. then, she heard a knock. She walked over to the door, and the person said: “Her Majesty Queen Ingrid the Evil request’s a meeting with miss Ruby.” “Ruby thought about it for about it for a second. “Fine. As long as these two come with.” The old lady thought about it, and agreed. “As long as they are under a sleeping spell.” Ruby thought about it too. “Agreed. As long as I supervise the spell.” This battle of “As long as I can’s” went on for so long that Ingrid came down herself, but her face was covered, and no one could see her face. She took Ruby, kicking and screaming, and dragged her down a corridor, and threw her into a room. She looked up, and found that she was in a throne room. Another figure in a midnight blue dress and a small gold tiara with a small red Ruby. She looked at Ruby, and winked. She mouthed : Act like she is your hero! And Ruby nodded, to say that she had the message. She could not see the face of Ingrid, and worried. Then, Ingrid addressed her. You are Ruby? The other sister who adores me? The other Aliras? Ruby looked at Lily. She nodded, so Ruby said: “Yes, Great Queen. I have heard stories about you. Pray tell, how did you learn about me?” “ Your sister Olivia told me. She has said much about you. You were her favourite.” Queen Ingrid replied. Ruby looked at Lily, and Lily nodded yes. Ruby was then taken to a room where she was dressed in a Ruby Red velvet gown, and was given a silver Tiara with Amethysts. Then she was taken back to the throne room, and Ingrid left to get ready for travels. Ruby suddenly ran to Lily. “What does it mean?” She asked. “Well, I went into a shop to see if there was someone there, and there was: Queen Ingrid. So I was taken to the throne room. She thinks that I am Olivia! Anyway, she stepped into the light, and I saw who she was. And you’ll never guess!! It was Camilla! You know, the one who worked for Elias? She put me in this dress, and here I am! Now, what about you?” As Ruby recounted her tale, Lily got a plate of biscuits. Instead of eating them herself, she whistled once, twice, three times, and a giant VGV flew in. He had deep auburn feathers, moss green eyes, and gold-yellow beak and claw’s. As Ruby finished, she fed her. “Ingrid said that you could have one as well. His name is Michael Hat, Mike Hat for short You know, like in Ghost Busters!.” “Yeah! It sounds like your saying “My Cat”!” Cried Ruby. Then, Ingrid burst in. “Ah. I see that you have shown her Michael. I have another baby VGV, a female. You may have her, And name her, train her, and feed her. She is your responsibility now.” Ingrid walked away, and Ruby followed her. She saw the VGV, and ran to it. The VGV looked at her with interest. Then she nuzzled her. She had purple feathers, bright blue eyes, and a deep ruby red and soft pink beak and claw’s. Ruby instantly knew her name. “Amethyst. I’m gonna call you Amethyst.” She trained her, looked after her, and fed her every day. As soon as she could fly through realms, Ruby demanded to see her sisters. The queen obliged, and she brought Amethyst along. Lily had come, and she had brought Mike Hat. They greeted the twins, and gave them food. Allegra was very pale. Ruby felt her temperature, and she was warm. She was very, very I’ll.


Allegra felt sick. After Ruby had been dragged off to who knows where, she felt as if something inside her wanted to do something, leave her. She thought she was sick, but then, she saw through a wall! She thought that she was dreaming! It was not normal to see through walls! She decided to go to sleep, and wake up in the morning and see if she still saw the corridor. When she woke up the next day, she stared hard at the wall. To her surprise, she saw straight through it, to see Ruby outside, stroking a VGV! She heard her say Amethyst, and wondered if that was its name. then, she looked up to see Ingrid sitting at a cauldron, and she poured in vial after vial of strange silver stuff. “Just like the evil witch that she is.” She murmured. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and look at the wall. It was Lily and Ruby. They had brought their bird things. Just then, she felt a sharp ;pain in her head, and Lily stepped in. She sat on the bed, and Ruby rushed in, and felt her temperature. The worried look on her face said it was bad news. She heard her say albeit blurrily, that they had to get out. She wondered how. Then, they debated who was gentlest out of the VGV’s and it turned out to be Lily’s cat? Who calls a VGV Cat? Then, Allegra was being strapped to the back of the auburn VGV, and Olivia sat on the purple one, and then Lily climbed on behind me, and we set off. She looked back, worried about Olivia, and saw that she had set off safely with Ruby. Then, she heard a scream of rage, and darts were being fired all around. Ruby was hit, and she shouted out in pain. She pulled it out, and threw it away. Then, as if in slo-mo, the dart hit Ingrid in the shoulder, and silver stuff, the same as Allegra had previously seen Ingrid pouring into the cauldron, flew out of Ingrid. Ingrid tried to use her magic, but nothing happened. She screamed a big scream. She would never bother anyone, ever again. Then, in a flash, we were flying over a place Allegra 6knew well. It was her home!

2 weeks and 3 days later.

Ruby knocked on the door of a big house. She was getting a test, with Allegra about what was injected into both of them. This time, they were not guessing if she was evil or not. She was a friend of Izzy’s mother, called Julie, and was secretly magic. She was a very gifted Seer, and could See into people, but only if they said that it was okay. And, to top it up, she had a twin sister Madison who was a very gifted witch, and could probably remove whatever it was. A kind voice knocked Ruby out of her thoughts. “Are you Ruby and Allegra Simpson?” She asked. “Yes.” Replied Allegra. “You must be Julie?” I am. So what would you like me to do?” She asked. “Well…” said Ruby, uncertain “We would like you to tell us what was in the injection we were given by a person named Ingrid.” She said it all quickly, because she thought she would never say it if she didn’t get it over with soon. “Ingrid the Evil? I hardly have to look inside of you to know. But I shall do it anyway, if you wish?” Replied Julie. “We really want to know, so yes.” Replied Allegra. Julie laughed, and began. She looked inside Allegra, and smiled. “Yes. As I thought. It is easy to remove.” Then she began shifting through Ruby. She frowned. She shifted deeper. Her eyes widened in shock. She gasped. “What?” Asked Ruby. Julie pulled out from Ruby. “Allegra… Her injection can be removed. She became a hybrid between Seer and Natural. But you… you are a hybrid between Aliras, Traveller, and Witch. They are mythical creatures, but it’s impossible to take any of their magic. You, my dear are a Kronos.”

Ruby Tuesday.

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