The Great Rooster

The great rooster

Once upon a time there was a hen that longed for a chick. She told this to her friends, and two nights later, she laid an egg. This time, she didn’t move, because she did not want a human to steal and eat it. She refused to move until in a month, on the first of July, the egg hatched into a majestic rooster. Every day they had a nap together. The only job a rooster needed to do was find food for his mother, who could not leave, as she was laying eggs all the time. After a while, all the hens were laying, and he got food for all of them. This meant that he stayed out longer, almost until night, which is when The Fox comes out, and foxes eat roosters. One day, The Great Rooster went to find his friend, the eagle. He told him how more and more hens could not get food because they had to stay and lay eggs which meant that he had to stay out longer to get more food, which meant that Mister Fox could eat him. Eagle came up with a plan. The next day, The Great Rooster left to find food extra early. He brought enough food for them all, and left again! His mother was very worried. The Great Rooster went into Mister Fox’s den, and Eagle was already there. “Stop eating hens and roosters.” Said The Great Rooster. Mister Fox could not eat The Great Rooster, because if he did, Eagle would eat him. “Become a Vegetarian.” Added Eagle. “Fine!” Growled Mister Fox. And they left his house. After that, Mister Fox became The Great Roosters friend, and he never ate a hen or rooster again.

The End

By Allegra Jumelle, aged 7