The Daily Pomme#9


Hello and welcome to the 9th episode of the Daily Pomme. please leave a comment down below but more importantly… Enjoy!

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos prologue

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Justine. She had a boring life, until one day, she was writing a book, when her mother came in. “Justine,” she said. “go and get the apples please.” Justine hopedy skipped down the stairs, out into the garden, and began to pick apples. She spied an orange tree, in the park across the road, and looked both ways and ran across. She picked some oranges, and there were also pears and bananas, pineapples and mangoes, even a coconut tree. She picked some of all of them, and put them into her small bag. It was bulging! She went across to see her mother and show her the fruits, but she could not find her way out! She was lost, and could not see much further than the nearest tree. She stumbled into a clearing, and was surrounded by a pack of wolves instantly. The odd thing about them was that they had vivid pink eyes! Justine screamed. She ran in one way, then quickly the other, and managed to get out. She scaled a tree, and sat there. Though she was not hungry now, she knew that she would need the fruit later

Ruby Tuesday

Day 33


Today we are driving to Sojnefjord, the longest fjord in Western Europe. On the way their we stopped at a glacier museum and learnt many things about glaciers. We arrived at the campsite and had dinner as it was six o’clock went we got there. We then played a game of Yahtzee which I won by one point, much to Dann’s annoyance (he came second). I then brushed teeth and hair and ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos               

You, my dear, are a Kronos” the words echoed around Ruby’s head. How had she let herself be hit by the dart? She was quite happy as an Aliras, but trust Ingrid the Evil to ruin everything. She did not know what Kronos’ did, or if they were dangerous. She had gone to see Julie in hopes of finding answers, and she did find one, but that answer gave her with more questions that nobody could answer. She wondered if there had been Kronos before, and if there had ever been a Kronos before, as in ever-before-there-where-people-who-knew-what-magic-was-and-before-magic-was-recorded. She wondered why you could find random things on internet, but you just could not find the truth about magic people, and there was history there, but no history of magic. Bring Bring Bring, Bring Bringaling, Bring Bring Bring Bring Bring pick up your phoooone cos someone caaaalled. The phone interrupted her train of thought. She walked over, and picked it up. “Hi.” Said Ruby, in a state of depression. “Hi, Roo, its Iz. How is life? Lily told me that you had some news.” “Yes. I went to find out what Ingrid had injected me with, and Allegra, and it turned out that Allegra was a seer. We got her magic removed.” Izzy was silent. “Izzy, you still there?” Asked Ruby “Yeah, just wondering what you are going to say next. I mean, its good, that Allegra has no magic anymore, but it seems like you have some bad news to spill.” Izzy replied. “You know me to well, chuckin.” Ruby replied. “Sorry, its just Lily’s knew phrase. There is also Chicken, Rooster, Chicken Poo… Yeah, you get the gist. I am a type of Creature, magical, and it cannot be removed. I am a mix between a Witch, an Aliras and a Traveller. I will find out more, I will find out more, I hope, but I am the last of my kind, and have no one to ask. So yeah.” Ruby paused “So I have no idea about my knew abili-“  “But not for lack of trying, I hope?”  Izzy reprimanded. “You have been searching, asking, testing and everything?” Izzy paused, waiting for a response. When Ruby didn’t answer, she cried “Come on, Ruby! You have just said ‘Oh, I am the unknown, so lets just have a pity party, because I am unhappy’? You’re going to sit there and look glum, because of something new in your life? Come on, that’s not the Ruby I know! People really do fear the unknown!” Ruby sat and thought. When she still didn’t reply, Izzy continued. “Ruby, in your shoes, I would be unhappy to, but that means that you should make the unknown known, and you have no reason to fear it!” Ruby sat still, smiling. “Ruby? You still there?” Izzy asked. Ruby, positively glowing now, answered “Thanks Izzy. You have always been the sensible one in our group. I am going to find out about me right now!” And she skipped off. Izzy shook her head and sighed, realising that Ruby had left the phone on. Then, just as she was going to go, Ruby asked “Can you come over? And thanks so much. You are the best.” Izzy, smiling, replied “That’s my girl.”

Ruby Tuesday

Day 34


Today we are going To see a Stave church. Fun Fact: Did you know of approximately 1000 in Norway Stave churches only 28 remain, which is 2.8%? Anyway, we walked there as it was only 25 minutes away. We stopped at a supermarket on the way and bought lunch. We got to the Stave church and inside. After looking around Ruby And I walked around the outer part of, reading the information leaflet out loud to each other.

Did you know that unbaptised children were not allowed to be buried? Or that people used to be buried under the Stave church until it was banned in the beginning of the 19th century because of the smell. We then walked to a little hut where we had lunch. I did some drone flying and filmed the Stave church. Q. Why does the wood that makes up a Stave church not rot. A. Because it’s timber base rests on stone foundations so the wood does not come into contact with the earth. We walked back to Sven re-stopping at the supermarket to dinner and such then went back to Sven. We lounged around until dinner. We had dinner then played a game of Yahtzee which Dann won (sadly). We then brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos continued

Lily had been looking up Kronos’. She had made no progress for about thirty minutes, and was convinced that she would find nothing, but she kept trying valiantly. She then found an interesting site, that seemed to have some good info. It read “Kronos’ are ancient history. They are creatures that have the power of three things: An Aliras, a Traveller and a Witch. They are non-existent anymore for a reason that only one knows… And his name is a type of dragon of the old. Kronos’ are extremely powerful, and some of the Trave;ller, Aliras, and Witch magic join, and make new powers.” That is all that I can tell you, because the power of old that wiped out Kronos’ is still existent, still forbidding Kronos existence. I can not write anything directly, but I have given you clues. Find him.”. Lily sat and thought about it. I wonder who the writer meant. She thought. Why were the Kronos’ wiped out? Were they dangerous? Who wiped them out? Were there other creatures of old? Her train of thought was interrupted by Ruby running into the room. “Lets train.” She said.

Ruby Tuesday

Day 35


Today we are going to Viking Valley. It is a place where everything is set like it was in the Viking times. We set off after breakfast and drove for an hour and forty-five minutes through beautiful landscape. Not that I saw them. As usual I had my nose buried deep in a book. We arrived and went in.

We did some axe throwing (I hit the target four times, but it only stuck once), then went on a tour. We then did some archery (I got 2/3). We then went and had lunch which was sadly not vegan (when we eat out it never is). I had a bacon, fried onion and blackcurrant pancake which was actually really nice. I have made it my mission to try unusual combinations. So far, I have done:

Vinegar and pineapple (delicious)

Orange, salt and pepper and olive oil (yum)

Bacon, fried onion and blackcurrant pancake (tasty)

We then did some more archery (4/5 for me) then Dann, Ali, Olivia, Dex and I went and walked around the village and looked at the various houses. We got told a story and hen went to find mum, dad, Ruby and Allegra. We then drove home and lounged around until dinner which was couscous curry. We then had a game of Yahtzee in which I came second (mum came first). We then brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos continued

The three girls walked to the VGV’s. Lily and Ruby ran to Amethyst (Ruby’s) and Mike hat (Lily’s) and thought back to when they had gotten them. VGV’s change their colour as they get older. They are immortal, but before they reach a certain age, they can change colour uncontrollably. In two weeks, the girls VGV’s would reach that age, and be able to change their colour, controllably. Now, Ruby’s was a bright orange, with Red eyes and neon green beak and claws. She was soaring through the air, with Izzy behind her, because Ingrid had not gifted one to her. They were almost there when they heard a squawking. They flew down to see, and there stood an enormous VGV, that had by now the ability to change colour at will. Izzy got off Amethyst, and walked over. The Giant Bird flew over, and nuzzled her. Then, the VGV went into the position that Izzy needed it to be in if she was to get on. Izzy tentatively got on, then asked if the Creature had a name. He was a male, approximately twenty-five or twenty-six in looks, but was probably about two hundred. He was bronze, with emerald eyes, and pale pink beak and claws. “Then” Izzy said, “I shall call you Angel.” They set off once more.

Ruby Tuesday

Day 36


Today we are saying a sad goodbye to Dann, Ali and Dex. We woke up and had breakfast then went and hung out with Dann, Ali and Dex. They left at around ten thirty and we drove in convoy for a while as we were going in the same direction. After forty-five minutes of driving we stopped at a petrol station and Dann suggested that we should all go sledging. We drove there as it was on the way and went sledging on Dann’s coat as we had no actual sledges. We then had some tasty hot chocolate then said another sad goodbye to Dann, Ali and Dex. We then drove on, still in convoy. After a while they passed us with a beep  from Dann, who was driving. We drove for four whole hours. During those four hours we stopped at 4 different campsites. The first was ugly, the second had no Wi-Fi which we needed for work (and the Pomme), the third was also ugly and the fourth only accepted cash which we had none of as almost everywhere took card. We then finally arrived at our campsite which we liked so we decided to stay. We had dinner then the twins went and did the washing up. I then brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos continued

When they arrived at their empty planet that they had used as their training centre, Lily wondered once more about the person who had written about Kronos’. She decided to wait until they had finished training. Lily gave Ruby the list of her possible powers, and Ruby would try to do them. She mastered basic Magic, and could Travel from one spot to another, but not at long distance. She went into the future, but at the same spot that they were at, and explained that she was travelling into the future for tests, she explained to bemused future self’s. Imagine the shock that they got after Ruby had gone forward, when Ruby appeared and said she was practicing. Anyway, she could not master going back in time, but they kept trying anyway. Then, one time when she was trying to go back in time, she heard someone crying out. She was a Supernatural, not a Natural, and she had a few pieces of fruit, and suddenly, she could see through that person’s eyes. She realised that she was possessing this person, and that she could access her memories. She was called Justine, and was French. She was collecting fruit, when she stepped through a portal that led to this world. She became surrounded by wolves, and climbed up a tree for escape. She had been there for almost two weeks, and was insanely tired. Ruby realised that she needed to help the girl. She sort of held on to her body, and pulled her to them. Then, she woke up, not even realising that she had been unconscious

Ruby Tuesday

Day 37


Today is a rest day (not). We are going on what is supposed to be a thirty-minute walk but is actually a forty-minute walk which then gets you to the thirty-minute walk. The forty-minute part of the walk as in a pine forest and the second part was next to a river.

We walked to a waterfall which was at the end of the walk then went back home. When we got home my sisters and I played in the park then Ruby and I did some drone stuff while the twins did the washing up from breakfast. We then had dinner which was a tasty pasta salad and a yummy bean salad. Ruby and I then went and did the dishes while the twins played in a kiddie’s area near the washing up place. We went back to the van and, yes you guessed it, brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos continued

Lily and Izzy were nodding at Ruby. She had been trying her best, and for Ruby, who wanted to be the best in everything, that was saying something. Then, she was trying particularly hard, and then she just fell over! Lily wondered if this was one of the other powers that were mentioned. Then, suddenly a girl with a once yellow ragged dress appeared on the floor. They screamed. Then, Ruby was thrown out the girl. They screamed again. Then, Ruby woke up, and Lily and Izzy ran over to her. Ruby, surprisingly, ran over not to them, but to the girl. She started murmuring weird words, and then the girl woke up. Ruby stepped away. The girl obviously thought that they were dangerous, and she backed away. The, Ruby cried out “Wait! We don’t want to hurt you! I saved you from the wolves!” The girl stopped backing away, and listened. “I am a Supernatural! A Kronos! I have lots of different powers!” The girl looked at her as if she was mad. “Supernatural? Like vampires?” “No,” Ruby replied, “vampires don’t exist. There are Vampiric Giant Vultures, though. There are also Lions of Three Kinds, Witches, Mages, Travellers, Seers, Portalist, Aliras’, and one last Kronos, we think. You are… well, we can’t tell. What are you?” Justine was silently edging away, but just as she was about to run, she crashed into Angel. She screamed. Izzy walked over, and whispered something in her ear. Lily thought that this was a good time to tell them about the website. She took a deep breath.

Ruby Tuesday

Day 38


Today is a lazy day. A real one. It rained practically non-stop all day, sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily. We had breakfast then played school until lunch. We had lunch and somehow managed to get crumbs everywhere even though we had big plates. We then lounged around while Ruby got her verruca’s treated (or as she says, tortured) and then got her hair braided in lots of tiny braids. When she was done we watched one of the eight greatest movies in the world, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (there are eight Harry Potter movies. Coincidence? I think not). We watched it, having a quick break at four to have gouté. It was awesome as Always (the film not gouté). Ruby and I then went and did the dishes while the twins got their hair braided and dad made dinner. We came back and lounged around until dinner which was a delicious pasta. Dad then went and did the dishes while we brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 7: The Last Kronos continued

“Guys?” Lily asked. The three girls, and all the VGV’s looked at her. Lily swallowed and continued “I was looking up Kronos’, and most of it was rubbish, but I found one website. It said this.” She repeated it as best she could “Kronos’ are ancient history. They are creatures that have the power of three things: An Aliras, a Traveller and a Witch. They are non-existent anymore for a reason that only one knows… And his name is a type of dragon of the old. Kronos’ are extremely powerful, and some of the Travellers, Aliras, and Witch magic join, and make new powers.” That is all that I can tell you, because the power of old that wiped out Kronos’ is still existent, still forbidding Kronos existence. I cannot write anything directly, but I have given you clues. Find him.”. The girls looked at her in stunned silence. Then Justine fainted. “Justine!” Cried Ruby. They tried everything to wake her up. Ruby tried magic, they tried slapping her face, throwing water over her, and all the various different ways. Nothing worked. Then, when they were about to give up, she woke up!  The three girls all ran to her. “Justine! What happened!” “Are you okay?” “Do you need anything?” Justine, looking bewildered, replied “I saw us, but we were going somewhere, and we were in the middle of space or something, and then we were sucked to a castle in ruins. In it was a man who was looking out a window. You all gasped, and, I saw me. So did you guys. So did the man. Then we all looked at the man again. Then I was sucked back to now.” She looked at the other three, as if expecting an answer. “Well” said Lily, “I guess that determines that you are an extremely powerful Traveller.” They sat in silence, when Ruby suddenly cried “Yes! The man with a name that is a type of dragon of old! A Wyvern! Leander Wyvern!!!!” She stopped, eyes shining. We need to find the most powerful Aliras on this world, and others… We need to find Leander Wyvern.”

Ruby Tuesday

Day 39


Today we are moving on. We are leaving our campsite for new horizons. We had breakfast then set off. We drove for thirty minutes to a town called Odda. We went looking for sleeping bags for mum and dad. Finding none, we bought some gloves as we are going on a glacier walk and to do so you need gloves. We then looked in a few other shops then went into a middle eastern convenience store. Inside was a giant tin of stuffed vine leaves, which we all love. So obviously we bought them. We then went back to Sven and had lunch which included a couple of said vine leaves. We then drove for half an hour before arriving at our campsite. We drove through it and decided not to stay there as it did not look very nice. We drove for ten minutes before arriving at another campsite which we liked. We decided to stay there so we chocked up then Ruby and I went and did the dishes. We then did some Pomme while dad made dinner which was leftovers from last night. We then had dinner which was even tastier then it was last night. The twins then went and did the washing up while Ruby and I brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate


I hope you all enjoyed this weeks version of the Pomme and are looking forward to next weeks wich will be the 10th edition of the Pomme. Until next time!

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  1. You were rght! I dd guess what you did before going to sleep. Please could you do something unexpected that we could not guess? The vikng valley sounded very cool. Well done on the arrows and axe throwing. Have you seen Eric the Viking?

    Kronos story is getting exciting. It feels very Norwegian. What i like best is the clever way you write the dialogue between people. Like between Izzy and Ruby. It sounds so natural.

  2. Another great pomme! The Norwegian adventure is getting exciting. I like the story too, can’t wait until next week to find out Ruby’s Kronos powers!

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