The Daily Pomme#8


And welcome to the eighth episode of the Pomme! As usual the Pomme features a travel blog by Lila Tate and a story by Ruby Tuesday. Please remember to leave a comment at the end. Enjoy!

Day 26


Today is another driving day. The campsite we were at was not very nice and it was chock full of people and the weather was bad. So, we decided to move on. The plan was to leave early but we all seemed to unanimously agree to have lie ins, as we all did. When we eventually woke up it almost ten o’clock. We had breakfast then set off. It was only a 51-mile-long drive, but it took us about three hours as the roads were extremely narrow and windy. We caught a ferry then stopped for lunch. We then reset off and arrived at our campsite in half an hour. This campsite was a lot nicer. It was next to a lake and it wasn’t stuffed chock full of people. It filled up a bit later but not so much as to feel stuffy. We had dinner which was couscous curry. After dinner Ruby and I went and did the dishes. Well we tried. The campsite only has one sink for washing up and every time we walked past someone was there. We finally managed to get a spot but then realized that there was actually another sink which had been free the whole time. We called ourselves idiots and finished washing up. I then (of course)  brushed teeth and hair (with different brushes) then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

Day 27


Today is a rest day. Well we are resting all morning doing a little non-resting in the afternoon and then resting again. We awoke to a very windy wind that made us wonder whether or not we were going to get swept into Oz. We didn’t so we hurriedly rushed outside and picked our clean washing up off the floor where it had fallen along with our hanger. We then had breakfast then lounged around  until lunch, all the while wondering when the howling wind would stop. We had lunch then lounged around before we decided to go for what mum promised would be ‘a quick stroll’. It ended up being an hour or so long river walk. When we could go no further mum and dad went swimming in a natural pool while we sat on what was basically a nature made sofa.

We then clambered our way back down the river. Near the end Olivia fell in and got completely soaked so we got out and walked back to Sven. We got back and were very nearly blown away by the wind which was still buffeting around the campsite with no regard for anyone who stood in its way. We lounged around yet again until dinner. We ate dinner which was pasta. Having learned from our dish-washing mistake yesterday we checked both of the washing up areas. I then brushed teeth and hair and read until lights out.

Lila Tate

Day 28


Today we are moving on to our next destination. It is a campsite located near a place called Olden so of course their were a few jokes along the lines of ‘this place was made in the olden days.’ Etc, etc. Anyway, we drove for twenty minutes to get to said campsite. Upon arrival we had a quick rect then stayed inside ‘til dinner as it was raining. While waiting for dinner we lounged around, reading, drawing and playing on the iPad. We then had dinner which was risotto. Yum! Ruby and I then went and did the dishes. I then brushed teeth with my hairbrush and brushed hair with my toothbrush. Wait… that’s not right  ; )

Lila Tate

Day 29


Pinch  punch, first of the month, no returns. Today we are climbing  up another mountain. We set off at quater to twelve and walked for an hour before having a chocolate stop. We then walked for another hour before stopping for lunch.

We then walked for yet another hour before arriving at our finish point. We had decide not to go all the way up and instead stopped at a hut which was 750m high. We did some drone filming (which may have involved a few jokes along the lines of ‘stop droning on!’) then walked down which only took us two and a half hours (the way up was three hours and fifteen minutes).

We got to Sven and Allegra, Olivia and I went peddle boating on one of the pédalos that the campsite rented out for free. We went on a giant spherical floating trampoline which was floating around near the campsite. We then went in seeing as it was dinner which was a delicious curry. Ruby and I then went and did the dishes then brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

Day 31


Today we are driving. We set off at eleven thirty and drove fifteen minutes in one direction, went to the supermarket then drove half an hour in the other direction, passing our olden campsite (get it?) on the way before finally arriving at our new campsite which was next to Briksdalbreen glacier which is part of the largest glacier in Europe. We walked 45 minutes up a walk that led to the glacier.

We then walked back down to a café at the bottom. Dan and Dex (our uncle and our cousin) joined us then we all went around to the cabin they were renting and hung out with them and Ali (our aunt) until dinner. We had dinner which was pasta then hung out some more before going home and, you guessed it folks, brushed teeth and hair then read until lights out.

Lila Tate

Day 32


We have been traveling for one month! I woke up this morning and started Pomming. We then lounged around until noon at which time Dan, Ali and Dex* decided to grace us with their presence.

*If you are wondering why the name Dex is so familiar it is because she was a Portalist in My Night at the Ballet 5: My  Night at the Concert. Click here to read it.

We re-walked up the glacier walk this time with Dann, Ali and Dex. Fifteen minutes from the top Ruby, dad and I abandoned the group and went back to Sven: dad because he had to check out and Ruby and I because a) we were cold and b) we had to Pomme. We checked out then hung around for an hour before we were joined by the rest of the group. We drove back to the olden campsite (ha ha bonk) as Dann and Ali wanted to do some water activities and the rest of us were just like, sure why not? We got to the campsite and had lunch then Allegra and I went in a pedalo and Dann and Ali went in a rowboat. Allegra and I made it to the bridge through a strong current but Dann and Ali’s oar broke, so they couldn’t.

We then hung around and read, played in the park with Dex and played on the iPads until dinner. We had dinner which was sweet and sour couscous then Ruby and I did the washing up. I then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

Ruby’s Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Justine. She had a boring life, until one day, she was writing a book, when her mother came in. “Justine,” she said. “go and get the apples please.” Justine hopedy skipped down the stairs, out into the garden, and began to pick apples. She spied an orange tree, in the park across the road, and looked both ways and ran across. She picked some oranges, and there were also pears and bananas, pineapples and mangoes, even a coconut tree. She picked some of all of them, and put them into her small bag. It was bulging! She went across to see her mother and show her the fruits, but she could not find her way out! She was lost, and could not see much further than the nearest tree. She stumbled into a clearing, and was surrounded by a pack of wolves instantly. The odd thing about them was that they had vivid pink eyes! Justine screamed. She ran in one way, then quickly the other, and managed to get out. She scaled a tree, and sat there. Though she was not hungry now, she knew that she would need the fruit later.


There are a few notices and then I shall bid you adieu. The first is a new video. You can find it on the Videos. It is a dance video choreographed by me and danced by LARO. Also My Night at the Ballet 7 will be out next week. Hope you enjoyed this weeks Pomme!

5,376 Replies to “The Daily Pomme#8”

  1. I am much telieved thet the brushes isdue seems to be under control. Apart form one night. Or maybe yiu were just joking.

    Its amazing to get eo close to real glaciers. Have you found that they are shrinking? In many parts of the world the glaciers are getting smaller.

  2. I loved Ruby’s story it was the best 🤔🤑💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💀💀💀🎃🎃👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🌷💐🥀🌺

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