The Daily Pomme#19


Or hello, which ever you prefer. This week’s language is Russian as I felt that Russian was a very Christmassy language as in Russia there is a lot of snow. Anyway hello and welcome to The Daily Pomme #19. Enjoy!


We have decided to do yet another story Pommepetition except this one will obviously be Christmas themed. So write a Christmas themed short story and email it to me. This could be a chance for those of you who didn’t win last time to gain the esteemed title of Pommepetition Winner. And if you don’t, never mind there is always Easter!


Last Christmas we did a rendition of Th Nativity story for our Christmas video (click here to see it), this year we are doing a version of A Christmas Carol with Paul Simpson playing Ebenezer Scrooge. It should be out on December 25th AKA Christmas day, but productions may be delayed so the latest it will come out on will be New Year’s Eve.


Yes people it is that time of year. So I have decided to a thing on Christmas traditions around the world.

United Kingdom and France

In France and the U.K Christmas is celebrated in a fairly similar way. They put up Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, give presents… etc, etc. In France it is slightly more religious than in the U.K. another difference is that in France, instead of putting stockings up on the fireplace they put shoes or socks underneath the Christmas tree.


In China Christmas day is only a legal public holiday in Hong Kong and Macau. In the rest of china Christmas isn’t really celebrated. Gifts are given but it is mainly a commercial advertising scheme.

South Africa

In South Africa Christmas is celebrated in a fairly similar way to Europe. Giving presents, Christmas trees… In some towns and cities groups of people come together and sing Christmas carols by firelight and donate clothes and toys to needy children.


In India Christmas is celebrated despite it being a non-Catholic country. Many people in India decorate their houses with brightly lit stars and give out cakes and sweets to their neighbours. In North and North-West India Christmas is called Big Day and some people plant trees on this day



I hope you enjoyed this weeks Pomme and are looking forward to the next one which will come out after Christmas. Don’t forget to write a short story for the Christmas Pommepetition. Until next time!

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