The Daily Pomme#17


(Salve means hello in Latin and the V is pronounced U). Hello and welcome to this week’s Pomme. I am so Sorry that I did not have this out yesterday but to be honest I had completely forgotten about it. Again, I am really sorry and without further ado let’s start The Daily Pomme #17.


I was rather stumped for ideas for this week’s Pomme. A few weeks ago, in my English class we had to write a Petit Expression Ecrite, which is basically a short story. I, of course, got 20/20 like the amazing student I am (considering I am English it’s not that great a feat) Here was the topic our teacher gave us:  You have just moved to America and have started a whole new school. Write the first chapter of your diary. Remember to write your new resolutions for this school year.

Here is what I wrote:

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

I still can’t believe that I live in Miami. It was a shock to us all when mum and dad told us that we were moving to America. We have been in America for a month now, yet I feel like so much longer. I have spent these last few weeks worrying about starting a new school. I am worried that the work level will be more advanced then it is in England. I was the top of my class back home, so I hope it won’t be too hard. Worrying aside, I can’t wait until school starts tomorrow!

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

I just got back from school. It is huge! In my old there was only about 70 students in the whole school. My new school has more like 270 pupils. Its just so big! I almost got lost twice on the way to class. Luckily my new friend, Tia Vezga, helped me find my way or I would have gotten lost for sure. We re both in homeroom B together there are three homerooms, A, B, and C, for each grade. As a school project we had to come up with resolutions for the school year. Here are mine:

  • I will get good grades
  • I will work hard and do homework
  • I will be a good pupil
  • I will pay attention in class
  • I will not copy anyone else’s work
  • I will always have all of my school supplies

We have so many different classes here. In England we mainly had Maths and English. We did occasionally have History and Sport, but we only had Science and Art once a week. In my new school we have English, Maths, French, Art, Science, Sport, Technology, Music and Acting. We have a different classroom and teacher for each. My favourite teacher is the English teacher. She also used to live in England but has been living in Miami for five years now. I can hear mum calling. Got to go!


I kind of based this book on my life. As you may know my family moved from Wales to France when I was 9. I went from a tiny school of 30 students to a big school of 130 students. I just had an extra struggle; the language barrier. Luckily there was a girl called Rita in my class who, though she had been living in France her whole life, could speak perfect English as her parents were English.


Is Latin for goodbye. I really hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Pomme and are looking forward to next week’s Pomme. Again, I am sorry that it came out late. Until next week, Vale (goodbye)

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  1. Thanks, better late than never!

    Can we make a request for a special edition on Education… Could you and Ruby, with help from Legg and Liv, write a story about what you would love to find in a school of your dreams… when I say “school” i don’t mean that you should start with the idea of a school. Start with the idea of a place or a process where children learn about life, themselves, others, and helps them become wonderful.

    You could also ask adults, who were all children once, to write what we would have loved to find. For inspiration, look at what Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote about this, in her book “Moving the Mountain” part of her Herland Trilogy…

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