The Daily Pomme#14


Hello and welcome to the 14th version of the Pomme. As we are no longer travelling the Pomme has gone back to the fortnightly version that contains ‘news’. Hope you enjoy!

You went where?

Here are 5 hilariously named places which will have you all in stiches. Enjoy!

  • Hell: Yes people, there is a hell on earth. It is located in the fine land of Norway. Contrary to its name it is a very pleasant place. Anyone who has read the Daily Pomme #6 will know that I have been there therefor I speak from experience.
  • Peniscola: Some places just have weird names. The seaside town of Peniscola is in Spain.
  • Uranus: No I’m not talking about the planet. There is a place in America called Uranus. But the fun is yet to come. There is a newspaper in Uranus called the Uranus Examiner.
  • F***ing: This charmingly named place is in Austria.
  • Accident: There is a place called Accident in America. I wonder if they made it on accident?

And there you have them. These oddly named places are real places that you can go and visit someday. So if you ever want someone to exclaim “You went where?” upon being told of your summer vacation then these are the places to go.

Guess Who

I have decided that every second Pomme I will do a guess who about four famous women. Here they are:

No 1:




3 Replies to “The Daily Pomme#14”

  1. Hi all,

    yes, indeed

    Ok so guesses…

    I believe the first one to be Agatha Cristie,
    Crime Writer and Elvis impersonator.

    I believe the second to be, Audrie Hepburn
    Movie Star and Elvis Impersonator

    I believe the third to be the indefatigable Eleonor Roosevelt.
    First Lady of the United states, keen bird watcher and Elvis Impersonator.

    and last but not least…
    an old lady…

    Judging by the uniform and flag, I’m thinking a United States Navy rear admiral?

    Which means she could be…
    Grace Hopper, computer scientist associated with Harvard Mark 1…
    and some might say obsessive if not compulsive Elvis Impersonator…

    So I’m thinking the theme is “Women of History who are keen on Elvis”

    Am I close?

  2. I look forward to the next lot of 4 inspirational women. Perhaps you could jump to the 21st Century and they could be you and your sisters.

  3. Agatha cristie
    Audrey Hepburn
    Elinor Roosevelt
    Can’t see last picture???

    All great women and kern Elvis fans as outlined by dann.

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