The Daily Pomme#11


Hello and welcome to the eleventh episode of the Pomme. As usual it features a story by Ruby Tuesday and a travel blog by Lila Tate. I hope you enjoy!

Day 47


Today  we are driving. We had breakfast, which was the usual porridge, then set off. On the way we stopped at a ‘fairy forest’, a forest where there were statues of goblins, trolls and fairies along the path. We then went back to where we had parked Sven, and made a fire and had lunch which included a stroke of genius by me. Toast! We found some sticks and made toast by cooking it on the fire.

Insert Image Here

 At four we re-set off for Priekkestolen campsite. We got there and chocked up then put up the tent for Tim and Jeni. We played Kubb and relaxed as we were all quite tired. After gouté Ruby and I finished the Pomme  and the twins played frisbee. We then lounged around until dinner which was pasta and bean salad then watched Ninet  then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat

Leander stared at Ruby in shock. Thoughts ran through his head. How? Why? Why did she not tell me? Then again, she probably didn’t know if she could trust me. I did just tell her that I worked for Ingrid, who was once their enemy. What do we do? She cannot be captured at any cost. Because it makes it easier to create Trinatural’s when a Kronos is present, and it is very dangerous to do it by yourself. Then he said “Why did you… why didn’t you tell me?” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Well, let’s see.” She feigned thinking. “Wow! I can’t think of anything! Wait, if I think hard enough…” She screwed up her eyes. “Oh yes! There was the fact that you were pretty much a stranger. Then there was the fact that I woke up in an unknown room in a destroyed castle. Then you barged in and knocked me over, almost breaking my other arm, then you led me through what was the remains of Ingrid’s castle, who was once our enemy, and then you told us that Ingrid was not actually our enemy, so that just about sums up why I didn’t tell you.” Ruby replied. So that is how she knew I was Leander. She sensed I was a powerful Aliras, then… “You can Find the position of Ingrid!”

Day 48


Today is a lazy day. We all had lie ins then spent the day playing Kubb and frisbee. We had lunch which was our usual sandwiches. After lunch Ruby and I went and did the dishes. We came back and discovered that dad, Allegra and Olivia had done a total of fourteen passes in frisbee, so we quickly set out to do the same. After many tries we finally managed to get fifteen but sadly Ruby dropped it on sixteen. It quickly became a competition with Ruby, Olivia and I on one team and Tim, Jeni, Allegra and dad on another team. We got up to 38 but then they beat us with 71. They had more people. And they probably cheated. In my opinion my team won. We then had dinner which was a really nice curry then brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

Ruby looked at him, confused. “Your Collision Powers!” Ruby looked confused still. Then she realised what he meant. “Oh! When all of the Supernatural powers collide! Well, we were practicing when Justine got the vision, and we left to see you.” So we mastered all my normal new powers. But we only did one Collision power, and that was an accident. I was pulled out of where I was to somewhere in a forest. Justine was there in a tree, and underneath were wolves. But there was almost no fruit left on the tree. I tried to use my Aliras powers and inhabited her, then I thought about where I was when I was pulled to her, and I came back there, and Justine flew out of me. It was an accident.” Leander looked troubled for a moment, then said “I will teach you. I was alive in the times of Kronos’, and all the other Trinatural’s. My Father was a Rivrade! He had a best friend who was a Kronos, and he tried to teach me Kronos powers, wondering if I was a Kronos. I am an Aliras,” he assured the Audience. “Well, first you have to-“ “find a good spot to train, and not do it in a tiny room?” cut in Lily. Leander turned red. “right.” He mumbled. They set off.

Day 49


Today is the longest day of our trip. We are walking up Pulpit Rock. We got up at four thirty in the morning as, in order to get there when there is basically no one up there, you have to get up early. Hence waking up at four thirty. It took us half an hour to get ready, so we started walking at five o’clock. The walk took us about two hours and we passed about ten people on the way up. We got to the top and there were like twenty people. We took some photos, had a peanut butter and jam sandwich and some fudge, did some drone filming then set off back down the mountain.

Insert Image Here

 On the way we encountered a lot more people and were glad that we had got up at four in the morning (some of us were. I was dreaming about sleep). It took us about two hours to walk down. We went back to the campsite and took down the tent then set off for or next campsite. On the way we stopped for lunch then set off again. We got to the campsite a few hours later and just lounged around, going on their really cool trampoline, playing Go Fish and reading. We had dinner which was vegan burger and salad. We then played wizard then brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

As they walked into a courtyard that had Broken glass and rubble all over it, Ruby had the foresight to grab broom to brush away the glass. Not much they could do on the Rock front, though. She started to sweep away the glass away, but when she finished, Leander told her to hold out her hand and picture the rocks in a pile by the castle. Then he told her to twist her hand. Nothing happened. Then he told her to start small. “Close your eyes and picture on boulder floating through the air towards the castle, and lower it down.” She did it, but dropped the rock halfway. The second time she tried, she made it. Then she did a rock without dropping it, then two, then three, then four… suddenly, she got side side-tracked thinking about the castle. She twisted her hand to move the rock, then wondered why no one had bothered to renovate the castle. She thought about how it used to be, and then heard a gasp. She must be moving the rocks well! She felt accomplishment, and opened her eyes. She gasped. The whole castle was good as new! “I- I didn’t mean to!” she stammered. “I was thinking about the castle.” Leander smiled. “good. Now, here is what you do. Picture Ingrid and then picture Walking.” After three tries, she managed to do it. she opened her eyes and said “I saw her and another person. They were talking and putting magic in a bowl. They were in a cave, but the entrance was sort of gooey and bluish.” Leander nodded. “I thought so. Izzy, grab Justine and we shall all Walk there. You will see me in the Space. And so they all Walked to Ingrid’s new home.

Day 50


Today is a recovery day. We spent the day lounging around recovering from the aftermath of our walk up Pulpit Rock. We spent the morning lounging around, playing Go Fish, reading, going on the trampoline and playing in the park. We ate lunch then we went for a walk and Tim and Jeni had a nap. We walked along the beach for a bit before going back to Sven and watching a film. After the film was finished we went over to Tim and Jeni’s cabin and restarted the Playing Go Fish, reading, etc, etc cycle until dinner which was a delicious couscous curry. After dinner we played a game of wizard which I lost by a disastrous 20 points. We then went back to Sven and brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

Ingrid looked out the entrance of the cave. She saw that there would be five people walking through it at two fifty seven. She looked at the clock. Two fifty four. “Maria!” She called. Maria ran in. “In three minutes there will be guests. One man and four young girls. The man is Leander and three of the girls are Lily, Ruby and Isabella.  The other girl is probably the new one, Justine.” Ingrid told her. Maria nodded and ran out. Ingrid looked at the door again. Maria would come  in again, and at three thirty six there would be an animal or something. Damn those animals! She would have to put a spell on the door to keep the animals out. The magic door told her who would come in and when, so she could be prepared. To unnerve her guests, she brewed some mint tea, got out some biscuits and arranged them on a plate. She poured tea into five cups, placed a plate in front of each of the chairs, and sat down. Seconds later, the group stepped through the door. “Hello, Leander, Ruby, Lily, Isabella, and… Justine?” she nodded at each of them. “I’ve been expecting you. Have some tea.”

Day 51


Today is a ‘rest day’. Note the speech marks. We went pedalo-ing and canoeing. Mum and dad were in one canoe, Tim and Jeni were in the other canoe and my sisters and I were in the pedalo. We set off at twelve after lounging around playing our new favourite game, Go Fish. We canoed over to an island and named it Peanuckle Island after our pig teddy.

Insert Image Here

 After lunch we canoed around a bigger island which took us about an hour we were racing and our pedalo won, which contained me, Jeni, Allegra and Ruby (Olivia had gone in Tim’s canoe), won! We got home and lounged around. My sisters and I went on the trampoline and played Go Fish (not on the trampoline, duh) until dinner which was a really tasty pasta. After diner we watched Peter Rabbit the new movie. It is a highly comedic film. We then brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

Lily was stunned, but she learnt from Ruby Redfort (a book she read, I recommend it) that if you have the advantage, make sure you keep it. She also learnt that panic will freeze your brain. Also, she learnt that you should buy some time, because a few extra seconds could save your life. So, she smiled and sat down. “Thank you. Guys? Coming?” As Ruby had also read Ruby Redfort she knew those rules. So, she nodded and sat down. “Ingrid! Long-time no see, eh! So, what have you been up to? And, Leander told us that you were working for a good cause, so we are okay now. Plus, if you still hate us, can scooch us out!” Ruby smiled. Then Lily added “But that would make Trinatural making a whole lot dangerouser, because we have help.” Ingrid looked speechless. Then she said “You… you found a cure to the dangers? But I… I spent years trying to find one so that I could make a potion.” Seeming to come to her senses, she cried “Which you destroyed, might I add! I you. But you don’t know what any of them are, do you. And you!” She screeched, turning to look at Leander. “You didn’t come with me to this land. I need a powerful Aliras to make one. I am training Maria, but… well. And then you help these girls, and take them right to my house! Then you tell me that you have the Danger Cure? There is one in the World! And it is a Kronos! And they are all Extinct, so what do we-“ She had been trying to ignore the four girl’s giggles. But it was un-ignorable when they started rolling around on the floor, laughing. Ingrid face had gone Red, and her face was comical. Plus, they did have a Kronos. Even Leander’s mouth twitched. Ingrid caught sight of her expression in the mirror. She to started to laugh. She sat down, and laughed harder. Then as she pictured her expression, she laughed so hard that she fell off the chair. The whole group laughed and laughed. Suddenly, Ingrid bumped her arm, and sat up. “Well, look at us. Laughing like friends.” Still chuckling, Izzy sat up. “Ruby is the last Kronos. She was hit by the dart. That was when she pulled it out and threw it at you. The group collapsed into laughter once more.

Day 52


Today we are bike riding on a railway track. We had breakfast and lounged around for a while before driving into town. We went shopping for some lunch then went to where the train tracks started. We got on the bikes and set off.

Insert Image Here

We rode for two hours with a few stops before stopping for lunch. Obviously, because why not, it started raining just after we had stopped for lunch. Luckily it was only light rain and didn’t last long but it was still annoying. After lunch we headed back and rode for two hours to get back to the start, stopping to do some drone filing on the way there. We got back and drove back to our campsite and lounged around, going on the trampoline, playing Go Fish and reading. We had dinner which was really good then played a game of Go Fish before going back to the van. We brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

The group of unlikely friends : a Hybrid between Witch and Seer, the Traveller, the three Aliras’, and a Kronos, all former enemies, were sitting having tea. From behind her curtain, Maria watched them, specifically the Kronos. Thinks she is lucky, does she? Well, we shall see about that. She is dangerous. She is dangerous. I dedicated my life to guiding Ingrid, the Hybrid that she is, not to make more Kronos’. I even exploded the castle. I was almost there, but then that comes along, and ruins everything. She smiled, bitterly. But they shall both pay. Each and every Hybrid. And the Last Kronos. She sharpened her knife.

Day 53


Today we are driving. We had breakfast then set off. We drove for an hour and a half before arriving at our campsite and going on a quick reccy. We then had lunch and lounged around Pomming and reading until the twins went and played a game of Kubb which lasted for about an hour too long (the whole game lasted an hour). While they were gone Ruby and I continued Pomming. The twins came back and Ruby and I had a break from Pomming and played a game with them. We then lounged around until five when we went out to town. We went shopping and then went out for dinner at a restaurant. No it was not vegan. Or vegetarian. Allegra and I had chicken nuggets and chips (with lots of tomato sauce) Ruby had nachos, mum had a burger and everyone else had the classic, fish and chips. After dinner we went back to the campsite. There was a concert going on just next door to the campsite and we heard some songs we liked. The problem was, it was extremely loud. You could feel the floor vibrating from the thumping backbeat. So when you are trying to get to sleep it can be very annoying. We brushed teeth and hair and read ‘til lights out but that was not the end. The sleep part didn’t come until an hour or so later. We were just falling asleep (it was eleven thirty and the concert had just stopped) when Olivia fell out of bed, waking us all up. We then eventually all fell asleep.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 9: The Final Defeat continued

Lily had tears of laughter in her eyes. She had not been this carefree since before they went to the land of doom and left again. Then again, there was danger. She felt that there was no danger here. She was safe. Suddenly, Maria stepped out from her curtain. “Maria! I haven’t seen you in hours! Come have tea!” Maria smiled and came over. She sat next to Ruby. “Hello, Kronos.” She said. Lily frowned, as did everyone except Ingrid and Leander who seemed unconcerned. “Her name is Ruby.” Izzy said sharply. And that is what you shall call her.” Izzy said sharply. Maria nodded and Smiled thinly. Then she used some magic, and little by little, she strung it on the invisible strings that hang in the air. Lily was the first to slump. Then, as soon as the others noticed, they to slumped. They were only in control of their heads. Maria took out her knife and laughed. “You think you can still win?” Well then. She took the magic off Justine. She held out one hand to stop the others, and one hand weaved magic. She fed it into Justine. “Justine, don’t you see? They spelled you to believe they were right. Well, the Kronos is dangerous. Remember when you almost fell off the bird? It was on purpose. And the only truth they told was the tale of how Ingrid as cruel. And she is, isn’t she?” Maria asked. “Yes, very terrible.” Agreed Justine, who was spelled to believe her. “Well,” said Maria. “I can help you back to your family. I would like you to do one thing. Just walk up to the Kronos and place a hand on her forehead. Then whisper Emorta.” Justine nodded. The believance was in her blood. Only if Maria told her to she would stop. She walked over in a trance. Ingrid and Ruby had their mouths sealed shut so that they would not say a spell. Then, the animal that Ingrid saw walking through the door walked through the door! It snuck sneakily towards Justine, who’s hand was reaching out… “Emor-“ At just the right moment, Peanuckle the pig jumped out of the shadows and bit Justine on the arm. As the blood flowed out, so to did the Gold of dark magic. Justine blinked, In her shock, Maria released her tight grip. Ruby and Ingrid conjured Chains and threw them at her. Ingrid’s chains quenched magic, while Ruby’s held her down. The others found they were released in fondness and gratitude, everyone came and gave Peanuckle a hug. He snorted and wriggled free. Justine went and found a potato, and the humans had cake, and after that, Ingrid called her ice blue VGV and gave Justine and Peanuckle a ride. And then she showed her the baby VGV, which Justine dubbed Sequins. It was a very happy ending indeed.

Ruby Tuesday.

Hasta la vista!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Pomme. I have a few notifications to make. One: this is the end of our travels so the Pomme will go back to being fortnightly. The second is that Ruby Tuesday has decided to do a monthly story which will come out on the last day of the month starting on September 30th. Make sure to leave a comment down below and we shall see you in two weeks time.

1,401 Replies to “The Daily Pomme#11”

  1. It would be most interesting to hear your thoughts and feelings Lila to get a better sense of your adventure. And love the twist after twist in Night at the Ballet, can’t wait until the next instalment.

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