The Daily Pomme#10


Hello and welcome to the 10th episode of the Pomme. As usual it features a story by Ruby Tuesday and a travel blog by Lila Tate. I hope you enjoy!

Day 40


Today we are going on a walk. We set off at eleven but after a few minutes of walking we realized that we had forgotten our water, so dad went back  and got it while we sat and waited. He got back, with the water, and we kept walking. We were walking on a path on a cliff through forests and over two-foot hills. We then arrived at the edge of the fjord and proceeded  to have lunch and do some drone filming. We then walked back home, this time on a different path which went through the woods. We arrived home and Ruby and I frantically finished the Pomme then Ruby went and played on the trampoline with the twins while I stayed in Sven and read. Dad made dinner which was an absolutely delicious curry. We then (obviously) brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate


My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern

As Ingrid dropped the last bottle of magic into the bowl she smiled. And now, I shall end you. You who stole my home, and forced me to live in an unknown world. But I thrived there. Oh yes, I thrived there. She moved the pot off the fire. Curse the lack of magic.! Those annoying, unknowledgeable girls! And Maria said that they have a fourth with them now. The lucky thing! I blame those annoying people who pushed me out of my home. She stopped and stared into the potion. There was an image of four girls and a well-known figure Walking across the Worlds. Ingrid was shocked. How dare he work with them? Only four of them could Walk, it seemed. She drank the potion. As she lay down, she wondered what tomorrow would bring. Those pesky girls, maybe. A storm that would rip my new home from its foundations. Or maybe, just maybe, the destruction of my enemies. She smiled ruefully, a smile full of many emotions, and went to sleep.

Day 41


Today we are driving. We had breakfast then set off. We drove until lunch and stopped at a place with lots of rocks which we proceeded to clamber all over.

We had lunch then went to a beach and lounged around until four then went back to Sven and drove on. We drove up this really windy road up a mountain. It was rather scary as there were times when there was a hairpin bend right on the edge with no barrier. So if you miss-timed your turn there was a high probability of dying a painful death. We got to the top and went and looked at the view which was awesome.

We then went back to the van and lounged around until dinner which  was really tasty. After dinner we brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

Ruby woke, gasping, and covered in sweat. She remembered her dream. She had looked through the eyes of Ingrid, thought her thoughts. She had not been able to control her actions, it was as if Ingrid and Ruby were both inhabiting the same body. She thought about Ingrid’s thoughts. “Those who stole my home?” She queried aloud. In that instant, Justine woke with a start, drenched in sweat. She smiled. She stuck out her hand, twisted it, and then shouted “I have it!  I am free from the chains of being a Natural!” Then, as quickly as she woke, she fell asleep. Ruby ran over, and woke her three friends. She told them about her dream, which she suspected was a Traveller thing, and then told them what she had just seen. Lily and Izzy shivered, but Justine remained huddled in her blanket, nodding. “I remember that dream.” She whispered. “It began the same as Ruby’s, but instead of waking up, I kept going. When Ingrid got up in the morning, she had her magic back, and she tried to use it. She used her Witch magic to make her bowl fly away. She then smiled, and set out to do a day’s work? I think that’s what she said, anyway. Then, a woman came in, and she took some of Ingrid’s bottles of silver stuff. To take to Ingrid, I assume. Then, Ingrid came back and, well, that was when you woke me up.” She looked around, expecting answers. Sometimes, its easy to forget that Justine is knew to this. She always looks calm and collected, and had years of knowledge scrawled on her eyes. But if you looked deeper, you saw a scared, confused girl.

Day 42


Today we are walking up a glacier. We had breakfast then layered up in our many layers. We then packed our bags and went to the place where we got the proper gear; crampons, ice pickaxes and proper shoes. We then set off. We walked up a steep part of the glacier then walked around some crevice’s. We then walked for a bit longer, occasionally over crevices and occasionally over plain ice. We then stopped for a quick lunch break then kept moving.

We were walking back when suddenly the glacier moved with a giant phwomph! noise. We all just stood still and looked around as if checking that we were all still alive. Our instructor informed us that there was nothing to worry about and so we continued on our way along the glacier. We got back down to solid earth and took all the fancy equipment off then went back to Sven. It was four o’clock, so we had hot chocolate and chocolate for our gouté. We then drove for an hour and a half to a free parking sans electricity. By now my kindle was completely out of battery and Olivia’s kindle (which I was borrowing) was headed in the same direction so I was slowly going mad. We had dinner which was a lovely pasta, cooked by dad (author of The Daddy Pomme. Click here to find out more). We then (obviously) brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

Later the same day, the group got up, and set off. They decided to save their magic, so they would not Walk anywhere, as it took energy. They would need it if they had to make a quick getaway.   They had packed up their tent, picked some fruit, filled up a water bottle each, and set abroad the VGV’s. Angel looked uncomfortable with two riders on her back, but it had to be her as she was oldest. Justine looked even more uncomfortable, and was clinging to Izzy like skin. Suddenly, Justine heard something. She cried out to the others. “Hey! There’s something down there! I think it needs help!” The others flew down their VGV’s. they saw that there was a little pig stuck on an island of mush, and all around were crocodiles. Izzy told Justine that she would fly down over the pig, but she would have one chance to grab it. Suddenly, they swooped down and Justine reached out and almost grabbed the pig, but missed by millimetres and she felt some despair. But the pig had seen them, and jumped into Justine’s grip in hope of safety. They flew out above the trees, and Justine silently christened the pig Peanuckle. They flew on, but this time with a spring in their… well… floating?

Day 43


Day 43 15/08/2018 Today we are driving to Odda, buying more stuffed vine leaves and meeting Tim and Jeni who will be joining us for the rest of our trip. We woke up, had breakfast then set off for Odda. It was only a half hour drive. We parked and then went for a walk around town, booked a place for Tim and Jeni to stay then went and bought some stuffed vine leaves and… Cucumbers! You are probably wondering why I am so excited over a cucumber. It is because of our non-plastic rule. In Norway cucumbers are all wrapped in plastic. We then went back to Sven and had lunch which included said vine leaves. My sisters and I then watched Cinderella (the movie not the cartoon). When the movie was over dad, Olivia and Allegra went on a walk around town while Ruby and I lounged around and mum worked. They got back, and we had hot chocolate and peanut butter and jam sandwiches while waiting for Tim and Jeni to arrive. As soon as we finished a car drove up and parked outside and to our joy it was Tim and Jeni. We hung around in Sven for a while then went and showed Tim and Jeni to their apartment then went out to dinner. I had skepasti, a Greek meal, which was absolutely delicious. We then went home, brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

They had been flying for ages when Ruby and Justine suddenly past out. Amethyst noticed, and freaked out. Lily flew Mike Hat over, and tried to calm Amethyst, but was knocked off Mike hat in the process. As she hurtled towards the earth, Mike Hat abandoned helping Amethyst and Ruby, and Flew down at light speed it seemed, and grabbed Lily. Izzy could not do anything, as she had to concentrate on Justine. And so came the demise of Rub- wait, I spot something flying at the speed of light, it seems. Ruby seems to be falling in slo-mo, how convenient! The figure is flying on the back of a VGV, and he swoops, and catches her. He put her on the back of his VGV, and told the others to follow him. He put a rope around of Amethyst’s claw, and the others had to follow him, as he had Ruby, and her VGV. Now, back to story mode.

Day 44                                                  


Today is a driving day. We had breakfast then set off. The twins went in Tim and Jeni’s car so Ruby, mum, dad and I spent the drive in peace in quiet. We drove for two hours before arriving at our campsite. We chocked up then went and had lunch in Tim and Jeni’s cabin. After lunch we lounged around in their cabin, playing boggle, reading and playing dominoes as it was raining. At four we started making pancakes for gouté which we ended up eating at around five as they took so long to make. We then lounged around for another hour or so before having dinner which was a tasty pasta cooked by Tim and Jeni. Mum, dad and I then retreated back to Sven as my sisters were going to spend the night at Tim and Jeni’s cabin whereas I was staying in Sven. I then brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til lights out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

Ruby woke up on a bed. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her arm. It seemed to be broken from the fall, but it was in a sling. Hanging on the wall was a purple velvet dress, but she just walked by, not caring in the slightest. Then, she reached for the door knob, but at that moment, the door slammed open, and knocked Ruby over. Then he picked her up, and told her to follow. She did. He led her to a big stone room. She could tell that it would have been very grand, had it not been in ruins. It seemed that the man could not be bothered to renovate, as there was glass strewn over the floor, piles of rubble in places, jewels, and the remains of a tiara or two. That was when she recognised the massive throne. It was gold, with silver ivy leaves intertwined. There were different jewels in each ivy leaf. Ruby was certain there was only one of a kind in the world. Then, she tried to see what power he had with her Kronos powers, and it turned out that he was a very powerful Aliras. Then, she gasped. “Leander Wyvern?” He turned. “How did you know?” he asked, suspicious. He doesn’t know! She realised. “Are you working for Ingrid?” she asked. Leander guessed that she was avoiding answering the question. He asked another question. “Why do you want to know? Are you enemy spies?” Ruby replied “Does it matter? I asked you a question.” “Do you always answer questions with questions?” said Leander “Why am I here?” Replied Ruby. Leander threw his hands in the air. “It doesn’t matter! Just come with me. Your friends are there. And your bird. She was injured when you fell. What happened by the way? Your Traveller friend had a vision. Are you Bound?” Ruby didn’t reply. She just ran on ahead. Damn you little kids! Won’t do anything, just what they want. They almost let the enemies start again! Thought Leander

Day 45


Today is a rest day. A real one. When I woke up it was raining which meant that we couldn’t really go anywhere. We went over to Tim and Jeni’s cabin  and had breakfast which was excellent pancakes cooked by me and my sisters. We then lounged around and Jeni, Olivia, Allegra and I went shopping. We got back and lounged around for an hour before having lunch. It was still raining. We tried all sort of strange combination in our sandwiches. Peanut butter and pesto, Pesto tomato pear and olive, etc, etc. After lunch we lounged around yet again as it was still raining so we couldn’t go out. At around three there was a break in the rain, so Tim, Jeni, my sisters and I went outside and played a game called Kubb, which is a bit like skittles. After three games we went inside for gouté. While we were eating it started raining again. We played games, read and lounged around until dinner which was a tasty curry. After we watched Eric the Viking which was weird. We then brushed teeth and hair with mum, dad, Allegra and I in the van and Olivia and Ruby in Tim and Jeni’s cabin, then read ‘til lights out.

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

Lily and Izzy were worried. The man had carried off both Justine and Ruby. They had been gone for almost two hours, and they were getting restless. The man came in at times, once with dresses to make them comfier, because their clothes were muddy and wet. They changed gratefully. The next time he came with some soup and bread and some water. The third time he came with Mike Hat, Angel and Amethyst, who had injured her leg and had a gash on her wing. They put some water on it, and cleaned all their old clothes and made makeshift bandages. Then the fourth time, he came with Justine. Justine told them that she had had a vision. Then she noticed that Ruby wasn’t there. The girls told her their story. “So, we were flying to Leander when you both passed out. Izzy held on to you, but Amethyst freaked out. Lily flew over, but she was knocked off. Mike Hat went to save her, but Ruby fell. Then that man came and went to save her, and tied Amethyst to him, and flew off. We followed. Then he took you and Ruby, as you were both unconscious. We assumed that you were together.” Justine’s eyes sparked with recognition. Guys! This is the place that we were at when I had my vision. And the man! It’s the same man!” Justine danced around. “I am a real Traveller! I can see the future!” Just then, Ruby ran in with her arm in a sling. And gave them all a hug. “How are you? Justine! You’re okay! Amethyst! You’re hurt!” She cried. Then the others asked what happened to her arm. She replied with “Oh, it just a small breakage. Nothing much.” Then she said “This annoying man is Leander Wyvern. I pictured him more gracious. He just asked questions.”

Day 46


Today is yet another driving day. We had breakfast and helped Tim and Jeni tidy up their cabin, and then we set off. We drove for two hours before arriving at our campsite. We chocked up then waited for Tim and Jeni to arrive. We did not have long to wait and a few minutes later they arrived, and we went on a short walk around town. We got back, and my sisters and I watched the female Ghostbusters while Tim and Jeni had a nap. We finished that then went and made dinner which was couscous. After dinner we hung around laying Dobble and knitting. After an hour or so we went back, and brushed teeth and hair then read ‘til light’s out

Lila Tate

My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern continued

“I am Leander Wyvern, as that charming young lady just said.” Said Leander. “I am not happy with you, as you have destroyed us, but-“ suddenly a ghost Justine appeared. Leander looked confused, looking back and forth, but then Justine disappeared. Then Leander nodded. You knew that I was here, didn’t you. That’s how young Ruby knew who I was. Ruby shook her head frantically. Leander continued. “You misunderstood Ingrid. She was helping. Thousands of years ago there were Kronos’, Rivrades, Sontol’s, and Mossrain’s, along with the ‘Normal’ Magic people. The Supernatural’s, or Normal magic people were scared that their kind would get wiped out, so they started to use Portalist’s to steal their magic and wipe out their existence. They almost succeeded, but then the last few decided to fight back. They thought that if they fought hard enough, they could create a peace treaty. The fight went on for thirteen months, and ended on Friday the thirteenth. Of August. They created a peace treaty, and even if they were annoyed with each other at times, they kept it quiet. then, the Supernatural’s started Killing off the Hybrids, the mix between two different kinds. They did it discreetly, killing them in the dead of night. At first, they would only kill one, but then they got braver. First families, then two families, and it progressed to whole villages of Hybrids. Then they got braver. They killed off all the Trinatural’s. As the years passed, they would make more Hybrids, but no one knows of the existence of a Trinatural, and believe me, we have tried. Now, the Dark Supernatural’s were rising, and we- meaning Ingrid and I- were worried that there would be more death, so we lured some of them here, and took their magic. But before we realised that they were rising, Ingrid had a home and a family and friends. But the Dark Supernatural’s forced the hybrids to leave the place. Ingrid refused. They took her family and friends captive, and warned her not to make her ask again. Ingrid fled. She is still ashamed of that day. She had a baby brother that had taken his first steps that very day, but she never got to see him grow up. She thinks that if she had stayed, she could have fought and saved her family from slavery. She took out her anger on all the Dark Supernatural’s, but before she took their magic and let them go, she asked them to tell where her family is. One replied, her new servant. She claims that she saw the error of her ways, and wanted to start over. She said that her family lived in Fort Seraqua, and that they were slaves. Then Ingrid said that if she truly wanted to start over, she would have to serve her faithfully. Then the three of us finally figured out a potion to make a Kronos, which when we were about to inject into the three of you,” he nodded at Ruby, Lily and Izzy “You went and blew it up! Ingrid fled with Maria, but I remained here. Now we need to find Ingrid, so she can tell us the recipe to make a Kronos!” he looked expectantly at his audience: the girl, the three VGV’s and Peanuckle. Then, they all looked at each other and Ruby took a deep breath. “I am the last Kronos.”

Ruby Tuesday

Note from author

I am sorry about all the death, but remember that I didn’t really happen. Also Tim, I put Peanuckle in there for you, even though he didn’t have a big part (Or should I say Pig part!) I already have his future planned out, meaning that he is big (Pig!) in the next one. I hope you were mystified, and I hope that you liked it. Thanks for reading it, and see you next week!

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Ciao Adios

I hope you enjoyed this week’s version of the Pomme. Only two more weeks to go before it returns to fortnightly versions. As usual My Night at the Ballet 8: The Hunt for Leander Wyvern can be found on stories. See you next week!

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  1. It seems that Lila spends a lot of time lounging around but at least she is well fed and groomed. And the Night at the Ballet story always ends on a cliffhanger and leaves me wanting more. I hope there will be a sequel!

  2. Thankyou for the comment about Peanuckle I was just thinking he had a meagre part in the story. Also I am concerned about your broken arm and all the falling off the VGVs. What is that about?

    And what are VGVs? I don’t want to go back to episode 1 and remind myself….

    Does brushing your teeth [obviously] mean you do it noisily and in the middle of the room so everyone can see?

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