The Daily Pomme #25


Hello and welcome back to the Pomme. I am well aware that it has been over a month since the Pomme last came out but rest assured there is perfectly good reason for it.


This year is a very important year as, on March 31st 2018, the first Pomme came out in its paper form. Since then it has modernised and gained fame with readers all around the globe; readers from England, readers from France, readers from Australia and even (occasionally) readers from Canada! Anyway before I get to carried away let’s get back to the topic on hand.

Riddle me this

I have decided to do a riddle Pomme which will be filled with brain teasers and riddles. Leave the answers in the comments and I will tell you wether or not you got them right in the next Pomme.

The Theresa Riddle

If Theresa’s daughters is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Theresa?

a) Mother

b) Grandmother

c) Daughter

d) Granddaughter

e) I am Theresa

The Five Sisters Riddle

There are five sisters in a room

Lily is reading

Olivia is eating

Ruby is playing chess

And Allegra is drawing

What is the fifth sister doing?

The Relative Riddle

A is the father of C

And D is the son of B

E is the brother of A

If C is the sister of D

How is B related to E?

Who Am I?

I appear once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years. Who am I?

Other Riddles

Mary’s Mother has five children. Their names are Phoebe, Julie, Anne and Susan. What is the name of the fifth child?

Forwards I am heavy backwards I am not. What am I?

What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter?

What starts with T, ends with T and only has T in it?

Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain?

Special Mentions

Before I end the Pomme I would like to say a few Happy Birthdays. Firstly to Paul Simpson whose birthday is next Wednesday and secondly Jessica Simpson whose birthday was on the 22 of May.

Until Saturday

The next episode of the Pomme will contain the answers to the riddles and a new story written by Ruby Tuesday. I apologise for this Pomme being so short but it had to be done in a short amount of time so I was a bit rushed. Until next time!