The Daddy Pomme 8

Are is not far from here

19th July 2018

Where are we?  Jarpen, Sweden

There are well oiled machines that would be impressed by the way we get up and get going on a moving day.  We didn’t wake up until 9 and we managed to all get fed and packed and on the road by 10.  Once again we had no campsite booked so were just setting off with faith that we would find a place to stay and this is why we needed to get moving quickly although the roadworks we encountered on our way were obviously not on our side.  Plus there were bush fires that had closed the road we needed to take so we had a bit of a detour.  Apparently there are loads of fires burning in Sweden at the moment although we haven’t actually seen any but it is not really surprising, the weather has been so hot and everything seems incredibly dry.  But by the time we stopped for lunch today there were actually a few spots of rain, which were actually the first we had had on our trip so far.  So we ate quickly and got moving again and luckily we managed to get a spot at a campsite which was right next to a spectacular waterfall.  We got set up and not much later we were in the middle of a bit of a downpour so we were restricted to our van but it was certainly a nice change from all the heat we have been having.  And hopefully of some benefit to the Swedish firefighters.  Then today we woke up to a cool and cloudy day so we just spent the morning relaxing before getting ourselves ready for a good old walking day.  We did a circular route from the campsite of around 10km or so, part of which was on St Olav’s Pilgrim trail.  Olav was an imposed Christian king of Norway who was killed by the pagans and then became a martyr and then a saint.  Good work if you can get it.  The walk was awesome, through woods, across fields and next to the river and we sat and ate our lunch on the opposite side of the waterfall from our campsite.  The walk was incredibly well sign posted and there were even conveniences along the way, little huts containing compostable toilets and including toilet paper!  Not sure who maintains these but good work.  And an answer to one of life’s eternal questions, ‘does a bear shit in the woods’? Apparently not if he is on a walk in Sweden.  There were also some fallen trees we saw in the woods although due to the noise of the waterfall I’m not sure if anyone heard them fall.  Not all of the big philosophical questions were able to be answered unfortunately.  We were all feeling it I think by the end of our walk but since we had been able to break it up a bit along the way with quite a few stops none of us were too sore.  And we had been able to get some footage today with our drone which was good, Lily is getting to be a real expert at it although she has not yet shared her skills with anyone else.  We are all quite excited as well because as nice as Sweden has been we are heading to Norway tomorrow and that was the whole point of our trip.

What have we learned?  Sweden is a beautiful country and deserves more than an 8 day visit to see its sights.  Maybe we will have to come back another day.

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