The Daddy Pomme 6

We have a dream, we crossed the stream

15th July 2018

Where are we? Stockholm

We awoke with a plan to move on but had no confirmed campsite so we set off on a wing and a prayer, not ideal but what are you going to do. The drive to Stockholm was fairly monotonous, we have just about had enough of motorway driving by now.  First impressions were not much either, entering on the motorway all the buildings seemed very alike and not particularly appealing to the eye.  We got to our campsite and did a reccy and i think it is fair to say we were slightly taken aback.  We know a Swedish person, and we have been to Ikea a few times so this has enabled us to form an opinion of what Sweden should be like, with Stockholm as a representation of this.  But after walking around the beach on the lake near our campsite we needed to adjust our opinion.  It actually seems to be a lot like the UK, the sun is out so people are out at the beach getting as sun burnt as possible, picnicking and drinking the day away.  Or maybe that was just just where we had ended up. After this we just took it easy for the rest of the day, the heat we have had so far was continuing and none of us had the energy to do too much more.  But after a good nights rest we awoke raring to explore Stockholm.  We set off and travelled into the centre by train which was very easy and then changed to a tram so we could get to our first destination.  Pretty much our only reason for adding Stockholm to our itinerary was so that we could visit the Abba museum and this is where we were headed.  It was loads of fun, not only did we learn more of the story of the group but most importantly we got to sing and dance to a few Abba songs as we went through and who wouldn’t love that.  Abba music just has the effect of putting a smile on our faces so we all came out with a spring in our step.  It was well worth the visit.  After this it was time to get some lunch and see a bit of Stockholm.  We found a vegan restaurant called Hermann’s which had a location on a hill overlooking the old town and waterways of Stockholm so was a dazzling view and the food was awesome.  Sometimes it is difficult following a vegan diet, even more so when travelling in a campervan so we had wanted to see what a vegan restaurant would be like and we were not disappointed.  It was an all you can eat buffet and we all made sure we got our money’s worth with a couple of helpings.  We needed to get walking again to work some of it off.  So we set off to wander around the old town because we do love a wander.  We also love a stroll and occasionally even a meander, so we combined all three until the heat and our tiredness became too much for us.  Stockholm is in an incredibly beautiful setting with water and islands everywhere and the central area was much more impressive than our motorway arrival; it just goes to show you should never rely on first impressions.  It is also really easy to get around with loads of public transport and if we were on a city break we would definitely have been able to fill a few more days seeing the city sights but that is not really what we were after for our trip so it is time for us to head out into the sticks and see some beautifully scenic locations and get back to nature.  So that’s what we are going to do.

What have we learned?  Dont judge a book by its cover.

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