The Daddy Pomme 5

Let’s Sweden the deal

13th July 2018

Where are we?  Jonkoping, Sweden

We really need to get out of the habit of starting our drives off by going in the wrong direction.  It just adds time to our trip and is extremely frustrating.  Today it was my fault, not paying attention to the questions asked by Stevo (the satnav) so he took us one way when we wanted to go another.  Luckily I realised after only a short while but still another 30 minutes was added to our drive.  We crossed the Oresund bridge which is a very easy way to get from Denmark to Sweden but at £100 is definitely not cheap.  As soon as we got to Sweden there was only one thing to do, stick an Abba CD into the player and turn it up while singing along out of tune.  That’s what I did anyway, until everyone else told me to keep it down.  The drive reminded me of driving in Australia, two lane motorways with lots of room and not lots of traffic so it was an easy drive to our next resting place in Jonkoping which is on the southern point of Lake Vattern, Sweden’s second largest.  Camping in Sweden is much more to our liking than Denmark.  The sites may be a little bit less flash but they are about half the price.  I have come to this realisation based on one Swedish campsite and two Danish ones so admittedly my sample size is not huge but I am standing by my statement.  Our day in Jonkoping was about as relaxing as it gets for us.  A short bike ride around one of the local lakes with a by now customary picnic lunch before heading back in the direction of the campsite and spending some time at the beach on the lake.  The beach was a few kilometres long and there was plenty of space and since we are in the middle of what future generations will refer to as the global warming summer of 2018 a refreshing swim was most welcome.  This was the relaxing part of the day, a bit of time in the water and the girls burying themselves in the sand but we knew that we had a bit of an uphill stretch of riding ahead of us so needed to set off.  Jessica had offered as a reward some extra chocolate to whoever could ride the furthest up the hill and I felt pretty confident that this would be a prize I would be claiming, although I had reckoned without Allegra’s love of chocolate. Normally even a slight hill has her complaining about her gears and her sore legs but as soon as the prize was revealed she was in the zone.  She visualised herself with the extra chocolate and nothing was going to get in her way.  Lily and Ruby both made it up and stopped and I went past them both and turned to watch Allegra, who was only halfway up at this point keep going and going, so slowly I’m not sure how she managed to keep her balance but the look of steely determination on her face made me know that I would not be claiming the extra chocolate.  She was very pleased with herself!

What have we learned? You don’t seem to need cash in either Denmark or Sweden.  We have managed to use our card everywhere, no matter how small the cost.

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