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My little Copenhagen

11th July 2018

Where are we?  Copenhagen, Denmark

We are very conscious that we have a lot of ground still to cover so no waiting around after our day of ‘rest’ yesterday and it was off to Copenhagen we went.  This is a pretty straightforward drive, basically head north, drive across the island of fun (spelt Fyn) and take the very impressive and long bridge to the island of old Zealand.  But after being put off by the high price of campsites in Denmark we wanted to try and find a cheaper option, so we went in search of a site that has been set up at a marina but no luck, it was already crammed with vans.  So after this detour we went to a standard campsite and had to suffer their high prices.  The site was very well equipped but there was no getting away from the fact that the area for campervans was just a carpark.  Still, it would suit us for our short stay.  We wanted to see the sights of Copenhagen and there is no better way to do this than by bike, it is incredibly well set up with bike paths everywhere and most importantly, it is incredibly flat.  We happened to find out that there is a big jazz festival on at the moment so concerts are everywhere so we decided this would be our first stop for the day.  Very cool, we sat and ate our lunch in a park listening to a jazz concert aimed at children and even had a bit of a dance, although Lily is a bit too cool for that sort of thing now.  After that was over we rode the rest of the way to central Copenhagen and after Olivia crashed into a signpost we realised the girls were maybe getting a bit tired so we parked up the bikes and set off on foot.  We were right at Nyhavn which is the place to be seen in Copenhagen, lots of rich kids hanging out on daddy’s yacht, that sort of thing.  But it was very picturesque so we did the standard tourist thing and posed for a few photos before continuing our wander.  One of the famous attractions of Copenhagen is ‘The Little Mermaid’ and this was high on our list of things to do, for no other reason than it was one of the only things we knew.  I’m not really sure how it became a tourist attraction but my main advice would be not to bother unless you really want to spend 3 or 4 minutes getting in the way of other tourists as you try to take some photos of your children with a very small mermaid sculpture on a rock.  Anyway, that was ticked off our list so we could wander around to our hearts content after that.  The day was getting on though so we strolled back to our bikes and set off on the ride back to the campsite.  It had been a long day with a 20km round trip interspersed with plenty of walking so everyone was getting quite tired and the last part of the ride seemed to take forever but eventually we made it back to Sven where we hurriedly rushed through dinner so we could sit down to suffer the crushing, but not wholly unexpected, disappointment of England losing in the World Cup semi-final.  Despite this sad ending, it did not put a downer on our day in Copenhagen, a very cool city which is easy to get around and if you can be there when the jazz festival is on it is even cooler.

What have we learned? Petrol and beer are cheap in Denmark, bridge tolls and campsites are not.

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