The Daddy Pomme 25

And then the rain came

18th August 2018

Where are we?  Hjelmeland, Norway

We had really been building up to our glacier walk so once it was over there was definitely a general feeling of tiredness for all of us but the good news was that Tim and Jeni were coming to see some of Norway with us and that gave us a reason to get moving today.  We did not have far to go so there was no particular rush and we just took it easy first thing before making our way back to Odda where we were meeting them.  We managed to stock up on some more excellent supplies from our favourite middle eastern grocery store in all of Norway but apart from that all we had to was hang around until they turned up, which was perfect because none of us had the energy to do much else.  They eventually arrived in the late afternoon so we bombarded them with lots of updates from our travels in a very excited manner and then got them settled into some accommodation before going out to dinner, to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant which is quite a rare thing to have found.  With dinner I had the pleasure of drinking a £9 pint of beer which was not as magnificent as I would have expected at that price.  The following day the rain had well and truly arrived so we drove on as we had pretty much worn out everything there is to do in Odda and headed for a town called Sauda.  With all the rain there were some amazing waterfalls along the way and the drive took us over one last set of mountains on windy, narrow little roads; just another spectacular Norwegian drive although I think our Sven has had just about enough of those, my nerves certainly have.  Arriving in Sauda was a slight disappointment as it comes a long way down the list of Norway’s most beautiful towns and with the rain settled in we were not inspired.  So we spent a couple of days at a campsite in a cabin playing cards, boggle, dominoes and other games to keep ourselves amused.  It was the least active we have been in the past 6 weeks.  Two days there though was all we could cope with so we moved on again (in the rain) to Hjelmeland where we have been able to have a little wander around town and establish that a bigger wander is not required but not able to do much else.  We have now reached the point where we are checking weather forecasts daily to see what our chances are of getting outdoors, quite the change from the first part of our trip where we were in what seemed like perpetual sunshine.  Still, we are getting closer to Preikestolen so that is exciting and giving us something to look forward to.

What have we learned? The summer in Norway ends a bit earlier than southern Europe, even in this Global Warming Climate Change Summer of 2018.

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