The Daddy Pomme 23

From fjord to mountain top

13th August 2018

Where are we?  Folgefonna Glacier, Norway

Today was another day with the sun shining and the freedom to do whatever we want.  This comes with responsibility of course, decisions must be made.  Jess wanted to do a walk because the stroll yesterday was not challenging enough while I was more of the opinion that since a glacier walk is on the cards tomorrow that it should be a day without too much strenuous activity.  Decisions are not our strong point at the best of times so coming from opposing views meant we dithered about for most of the morning without really coming to any conclusion but eventually we had to at least move on, with a vague plan to go for a walk somewhere, without it being too difficult.  First things first, we had to do a bit of food shopping so a stop at the small shop in the village was our starting point and once again we hit the jackpot.  It is the very small things that give us joy and finding peppers not wrapped in plastic had me shouting across the store to Jess, its always nice to find an extra vegetable to have with our food.  Stocked up, we headed onwards and pulled in at a rest point to have some lunch, it turned out to be a good decision, sometimes these things happen without us even thinking about it.  There was some very cool rock formations making their way down from the road to the fjord with plenty of space to sit on the rocks and have our lunch and hardly anyone else about.  So we sat and ate and the girls ran around and explored and our decision was made for us; no walking today, just sitting on the rocks in the sun.  We were literally the only people around, there are some places where it is incredibly easy to escape the crowds in Norway and this was one of them, despite it being such a beautiful location.  There was a rocky little beach so we put down a picnic rug and lazed and the girls played and all was good in the world.  It was such a warm day so a little bit of a swim in the fjord was called for as well although the water was chilly so we didn’t survive too long.  When it was time to move on the girls found a place where the water would normally run off down the rocks and with a pile of seaweed and a minimal flow turned it into a natural waterslide and they were having such a good time they just didn’t want to move on.  But we had a mountain to scale.  For the first time on our trip we were going to free park and stay with no electricity or facilities and since these things tend to be all or nothing with us we wanted to do it on top of a mountain where we would be setting off for our glacier walk tomorrow.  The road up started off quite innocuously but gradually became more uneven and narrower before climbing up, up, up the mountain.  Jess was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat trying not to look over the edges or to think too much about our trip back down and not succeeding on either count.  I think the whole drive took almost an hour, it was very slow going, and I was tense the whole way.  Eventually we reached the top and the glacier was right there in front of us and the view in the opposite direction was of the sun setting over the mountains.  There were a few other vehicles around but by the time we had got ourselves organised and had our dinner we had the place to ourselves, we were alone and on top of the world.

What have we learned?  No matter how many beautiful and spectacular sights we see in Norway, it seems like there is always another one just around the corner.