The Daddy Pomme 22

Grey skies are going to clear up

12th August 2018

Where are we? Herand, Norway

The rain of the past few days was gone this morning and we awoke to clear blue skies which immediately made the day feel better.  A walk was definitely on the cards today and for some unknown reason we were all well organised and ready to head off quite early.  Perhaps subconsciously we were all a bit sick of not getting out and about and all just wanted to be in nature.  There was a nice simple circular walk leaving from the campsite so this was an easy choice and the fact it was not going to be too strenuous meant we were all keen.  The first part was along some cliff tops through fields and woods which gradually took us down to the fjord and once again our champion walkers the twins lead the way.  When we got down to the water we found a spot to sit on a headland and had our regular lunch, with added dolmades!  We spent a bit of time hanging out while the twins played on the beach and Lily and Ruby did some drone flying and filming, all very relaxed.  Then we walked back to the campsite, this time the path took us along the bottom of the cliffs and there was some impressive terrain along the way.  There were the cliffs with fallen rocks, misshapen trees growing at all angles, archaeological excavation sites, geological rock formations and of course the obligatory waterfalls.  All within about 1 mile so we were kept well entertained on our walk back.  A short break on our return gave a chance for some work and for some organising and dishes to be done before we were ready for a bit more activity, after all the walk had only been a couple of miles.  The campsite was on a lake and it had a row boat so we thought that might be fun.  We were mistaken.  As Jessica pointed out, rowing is not really a ‘fun’ thing, more functional.  But we spent a bit of time on the water, Jess rowed us out and Olivia and I rowed us back with Olivia matching me stroke for stroke.  She is a little parcel of muscle!  After we had returned to Sven and had our dinner the farmer (because the campsite is on an eco farm) asked us if we wanted to help him as he moved some sheep from one field to another.  This sounded like fun so we did.  It basically involved us blocking a path in case any sheep decided they didn’t like the idea of being moved and we thought our task had been achieved with no difficulty until a group of about 25 sheep went rogue and doubled back.  I never realised that sheep were quite so fast or quite such good jumpers and despite our best efforts they got past us and went back to the field they had started from.  Then we spent about 30 minutes watching the farmers teenage son acting as a sheep dog and trying to round up these sheep as they went from field to small, rocky cliffs and basically anywhere to avoid going where they were supposed to go.  But in the end we got them all together and safely into their new enclosure. For all our hard work (standing watching mostly) I earned a beer from Jonny the farmer (which at Norwegian prices was quite good pay) and I sat and chatted with him for a while as he gave me a bit of a lesson on various things Norway.  The good times had returned.

What have we learned?  In Norwegian there is a word for ‘Island’ which is ‘Oy’ and there is also a word for a bit of land separate from the mainland but which you can walk to without your head going underwater.  This is a ‘Holmen’.