The Daddy Pomme 21

A brief lull

11th August 2018

Where are we? Herand, Norway

Sometimes when travelling it can feel like the universe is conspiring against you.  Totally illogical of course but it is what it is.  Work, rain and recovering from having guests meant that there was a bit of an interruption to our routines.  So we didn’t do much for a couple of days and even a short walk to a thundering waterfall was not enough to lift my mood so for a couple of days I was not much fun to be around.  But we needed to move on as we want to do a glacier walk which meant heading in the direction of the town with the booking office although we were hoping to get a walk in first.  But my funk meant we were in our ‘unable to make even a simple decision’ setting so we ummed and aahed trying to make plans but obviously couldn’t so we just drove to a place called Odda because we wanted to get gloves for our glacier walk and there are a few shops there.  Odda had a pretty poor review from Lonely Planet so we weren’t expecting much but we did manage to get the gloves we wanted.  Then we had a very pleasant surprise as while walking around town I saw a shop that sold Asian and Middle Eastern food, so we went for a look.  When being vegan and plastic free shopping can be difficult sometimes so for us this shop turned out to be like some kind of shop that a kid would want to be in, a candy store maybe.  We found houmous and babaganoush in tins, we found huge jars of sauerkraut, we found jalapenos and then we struck the motherlode, dolmades (vine leaves).  And not just dolmades but giant tins of 50 dolmades which for our family means no fighting over who gets a second which is normally the case with regular sized tins.  So, we stocked up and thought well of Odda, who cares what snobbish Lonely Planet has to say.  Then we ate a delicious lunch and got back on the road and went to book our glacier walk.  Unfortunately there was nothing available for 4 days so this meant we had to find somewhere to stay for this time and we went to the closest campsite.  I immediately was unimpressed and eventually when we discovered the electricity was not working we all came around to my view.  The brief lifting of gloom in Odda passed by and my funk returned.  I find it difficult when we don’t plan well and we don’t know what we are doing and this was certainly the case at the moment and with the rainy weather as well things were not good.  But Jess saved the day by finding a campsite not too far away and as soon as we got there it had a much nicer feel so the day ended better than it had started.

What have we learned?  Much like life, as well as Norwegian roads, travelling has its ups and downs.  But with an amazing wife by your side, all three are much easier to navigate.