The Daddy Pomme 20

Five campsites and two goodbyes

8th August 2018

Where are we? Kinsarvik, Norway

Since the delights of Vik had already been sampled a day trip was decided on.  This involved Dann waking us all up and while we were still very sleepy getting us to agree that we wanted to go to Viking Valley.  Now that my beard is in, this is the sort of invitation I have been waiting for!  It was quite a drive over an (goes without saying) awesome mountain until we got to Gudvangen on Naeroyfjord at which point the scenery went to a place which was beyond awesome and spectacular and arrived at breathtakingly beautiful.  The Viking Valley is a fairly new tourist attraction and as such is a bit rough around the edges but we had loads of fun.  We got to do axe throwing and archery and learn a bit about Viking life and spoke to some really interesting people who are living the life on site and helping to get it up and running.  So it got top marks from me out of all the (non-natural) tourist attractions we have visited so far.  After spending 4 hours their we went back to our van and met a very angry truck driver.  When we arrived there were no parking spaces so we parked in front of the trailer of a lorry which looked to my untrained eye like it hadn’t been moved in a while, thinking this would be no problem.  But it was.  A trucker had been waiting for us for about 4 hours and came straight up to us and told us he was very angry.  This seemed ominous.  He then proceeded to very calmly and rationally explain to us that he had been waiting for 4 hours, he had been up since 5am this morning, he only had 2 hours left to get to Bergen and that he was very hungry.  Also that he had checked our vehicle with the police and with MOT and tax in the UK and that he had considered towing it himself but didn’t want to do damage to our vehicle.  So he was basically the nicest ‘angry’ trucker we could ever want to meet and all we could do was apologise profusely and get out of his way so he could get moving.  Then we had a return trip to Vik, which on reflection was not a great idea as we had exhausted everything it had to offer and we were just going back on ourselves.  This morning it was time for us to say goodbye to DannAliDex who had to return to their real lives so once we got all packed up at the campsite a group hug and teary goodbye was shared by all and we set off back over the mountain we had driven over twice yesterday.  We pulled over at one point and Dann suggested a spot of sledging on some ice he had seen yesterday and this sounded like a good idea so we all stopped on the top of the mountain and hot-footed it to the slab of ice and Dann and our girls tried a bit of sledging, using his ski jacket for a sledge which was surprisingly successful.  A nice hot chocolate in Sven afterwards to warm everyone up again was in order before it was time for the final goodbye and they set off for their drive to the airport.  It was around about this time that our day took a turn for the worse.  We needed to get to a campsite that had 3 basic requirements; good internet so that Jess could get stuck into a work backlog, washing facilities so we could wash and dry our clothes (given the miserable, drizzly weather drying was going to be an issue) and showers so that we could wash the accumulated filth from ourselves as lets just say we have been very Viking in our cleanliness habits over the past week.  We had a campsite picked out which from the description and pictures online seemed like it would be ideal (and probably would have been) but unfortunately when we arrived it was raining and it was next to a busy road and the reception wasn’t open and I just didn’t like the feel of it, I wanted to get back to beautiful Norway.  So we looked online, found the next closest site and headed there.  This was up in the hills and was in beautiful Norway even if the rain was still falling.  There was a lake with an island, waterfalls and mountains around…..but for the first time in our trip our mobile reception was poor, the campsite had no wifi and it had a washing machine but no dryer.  We had to look online again and found another campsite and set off but on arrival, there was again no dryer and it just didn’t seem like a nice site.  Once more into the breach.  Our next campsite, by which time we had had enough and just wanted somewhere to sleep for the night never mind the rest of it, had no washer or dryer and only took payments in cash….we have not used cash in all the time we have been here so this was just not our lucky day.  One last ’20 minutes down the road’ and we finally found a site that seems like it has everything we need.  Jess has worked from about 4 to 11, I have done two loads of washing, made dinner, done two loads of dishes and got all the girls showered as well as myself (we are now hoping Jess will do likewise tomorrow) and basically got everything else sorted.  And we somehow seem to have ended up in a cool part of the country so now all we need is the rain to stop so we can get out and enjoy it all.

What have we learned?  Never go back on yourself and don’t overstay in one place, as 5ive said so poptastically, keep on movin’.