My Night at the Ballet 3: The Defeat of Doom

My Night at the Ballet 3: The Defeat of Doom

At the ballet last night, Izzy, Lily and I were drinking Fanta and we saw this idiotic boy practising ballet on the steps, looked at each other and burst out laughing. Olivia and Allegra asked why we were laughing and we said: “there is a silly boy practising ballet on the steps” and as we looked at him……. Poof! He disappeared!!!!!!!! We told Olivia and Allegra what happened, and they did not believe us. “You are stupid liars” they said all dignified and suddenly……. POOF!  They grew and grew and grew and became identical adults! “We thought” they said simultaneously “that Isabella at least should know better than to tell porky-pies”. Then suddenly………. POOF! Their heads turned into pork pies!!!!!!!!!

We went in to see the ballet and the boy who disappeared (by the name of Daniel) appeared on the stage with a POOF! He started dancing. “Help” he yelled “I can’t stop”!!!! That was when I noticed a spider on the stage. “Izzy” I whispered, “It is a spider who is doing all these things” and just then Daniel started singing a rhyme:



Then Izzy, Lily and I suddenly realised why the spider was doing this; payback! Because people stepped on his family, he Is creating chaos! Suddenly the crowd silences as lily jumped up to stop the spider. Izzy and I stood up as well and we silently went on either side as stood on the stage. Then we ran to catch the spider and got sucked into his portal! We went hurtling up, up, up, then down, down, down, to the world of DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM

There were lava rivers, Elder Guardians, zombies, poisonous spiders, basilisks and the most unlikely thing you will ever find in the land of Doom; a lamb and, second most unlikely; us. Well, we wanted to get out, so we went to the door marked EXIT, but the handle was white hot! So, we had to find another way out. We made a plan. We got some dragon scales that were left around and used them to collect lava. Then we got some sheep wool and made beards to stick on our faces. Then we got three basilisk teeth by risking our lives (I will not go into detail as it was very gruesome and sadly the lamb died) and used them as shovels. We dug a hole in the roof and then got some web from the poisonous spider, some dragon scales, some more lava and used the dragon scales to form 3 jet-packs, put some lava in the jet packs, got some poison from the spider, put it in the jet packs, made a ladder from the web, climbed out of the hole, blocked up the hole, put  the beards on as gas masks, put on the jet packs and………… flew up, up, up, then down, down, down, and landed on the stage of Mwldan! Then we told everyone or amazing story of `The Defeat of Doom` and wrote it down the very next day in home school. We published it and it became the best-selling book of the year. We went to another ballet and it was more peaceful, but suddenly a spider appeared on the stage. We walked up to the stage and put the spider in the portal.

The end

by Ruby Tuesday, aged 10