Halloween Story Collection

The Pommepetition winner:

The Slime Spider

It was a dark night and the wind was howling through the trees. Four little girls were huddled together in their mum and dads’ double bed, waiting for their parents to return home. Each time the wind howled Allegra, the smallest of the girls, would start whimpering with fright. The eldest girl Lily would try and comfort her but with little effect. Suddenly there was a loud bang from downstairs. All the girls jumped and screamed. “What was that!” said Allegra who was even more terrified than before. “I don’t know” said Lily who was starting to get quite worried. “Well you will have to go and check it out” said Ruby. “Why me?” said Lily. “Because you’re the oldest and mum left you in charge!” said Ruby. “Grrrr, ok then!” shouted Lily, who really didn’t want to go downstairs but knew Ruby was right. Lily went downstairs, and it seemed that each step she took creaked an eerie creak. ‘Oh god why do I have to be the responsible one’ she thought. Although all the lights were on there seemed to be lots of shadows dancing around the room which were cast by the dancing trees outside. Once again there was a loud bang. ‘It’s coming from the basement’ thought Lily ‘what can it be?’ Lily bravely went to the basement door and turned the handle. She searched for the light switch and flicked it on, but no light shone. ‘Oh no the lights have fused’ thought Lily. Luckily Lily had a little torch in her pocked as she was used to adventure and ready for occasions such as these. She turned on her trusty torch and one step at a time descended into the darkness trying to locate the source of the noise. Suddenly something pushed her, and she started falling down the steps but at the bottom, instead of a hard surface, she landed in a pool of slime, thick green slime which made it hard for her to move. She shouted for help from her sisters in the hope they might hear her. Upstairs Allegra, Ruby and Olivia all heard the loud bang again then silence then shouts from Lily screaming for help. “What are we going to do?” said Allegra. “I don’t like this” said Olivia. Ruby, who was now the oldest in the group, took courage and said “Right we are going to rescue Lily. Let’s grab some torches and our knives and our sticks just in case.” With these they descended the creaky steps and Lily’s screams became louder. “She’s in the basement” said Ruby. “No! I am not going in the basement!” said Allegra. “Ok” said Ruby “you can stay here and keep watch.” Allegra agreed, as she felt much happier to be in the rooms with full lighting then in the dark basement. With that Olivia and Ruby set off towards the basement and used their torches to see where Lily was. But the shouting had stopped, and they could not see Lily anywhere. They slowly descended the steps into darkness and once again something pushed them both and down they fell into the pool of slime. Ruby instantly knew what was going on and remembered the story she had been told about the basement slime monster that lured children in and ate them once they were caught in the slime. ‘Oh no Lily has been eaten’ she though in despair. “Lily!” she shouted, “Lily are you ok?” Underneath her she heard a muffled sound and wriggling. Lily was under her and Olivia as they had landed on top of her when they fell. “I am right here Ruby, could you please get off me!”. Ruby and Olivia tried to move but the Slime was too thick. “We can’t move lily, sorry”. “We need a plan. Remember the story of the slime monster mum and dad told us?” said Ruby “No” said Lily “You know, the one which eats the children caught in its slime, it’s like a giant spider?” “What?” said Lily in alarm. “Do you mean we are going to be eaten by a giant spider!!” “Well we will if we don’t come up with a plan” said Ruby. “Ok, I seem to remember the solution was vinegar and lots of it.” “I love vinegar” said Lily dreamily, momentarily forgetting where she was. “Ok Allegra is our only hope as all the Vinegar is in the kitchen.” All at once the three girls started shouting for Allegra. Allegra, still terrified with her eyes closed wishing that this was all just a really bad dream, heard the cries of her sisters. “What?” she shouted back. “we need you to get some vinegar right now” shouted Ruby “as much as you can carry. It’s a life or death situation, so please hurry.” Allegra was beside herself. What should she do? What if there was a monster in the kitchen? What if she could not reach the vinegar or not find it? She managed to pull herself together and bravely marched into the kitchen and began searching through all the cupboards, desperately looking for some vinegar. She grabbed two bottles and then ran to the basement door. She used her torch to look down the steps and could see a faint image of her sisters all lying at the bottom of the stairs. She threw one of the bottles of vinegar down the stairs and Ruby caught it. She poured the vinegar on the green slime and it started to sizzle and dissolve. But the noise alerted the monster who was making its way towards them. Ruby hurriedly poured on more vinegar and suddenly they were free. They ran and hid in one of the cupboards in the basement, hoping the giant spider had not seen them. The spider moved closer to the stairs and started to ascend towards Allegra, who stood there frozen with fright. The other three girls came out of the cupboard and tried to get the spiders attention, but it was no good as it was slowly moving towards its next meal. “Allegra!” the girls shouted “Use the vinegar, use the vinegar.” But Allegra could not move from fear. Then Allegra heard a voice in her head, it was her mother’s. ‘Allegra you must not be scared, wait until the spider monster is about 1 foot away and then throw the bottle against its hard shell. It will break, and the spider will dissolve.’ Allegra slowly pulled the bottle from her pocket and got ready to throw it at the spider’s shell. The spider was now 2 feet away and Allegra was terrified. She heard the voice again ‘you can do this Allegra you are an amazing strong girl’. Allegra through the bottle and it hit the spider and exploded. Immediately the spider dissolved into black nothingness and disappeared. The other girls cheered, and cheered. Allegra felt very proud of herself and began to relax, until she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. She screamed and turned around to see it was only her mum and dad who had finally returned home. “What are you all going out of bed?” they said. “Oh, nothing” said Lily “just looking for monsters.” She winked at the other girls. “There is no such thing as monsters.” Said dad. And the girls all looked at each other and started to laugh

By Jessica Simpson

The Most Poetic:

The Boy who was Afraid of the light.

There once was a boy so afraid of the light

That he kept his eyes open but only at night,

And when his parents came by he was nowhere in sight,

Up in his cupboard with the door closed tight.


Every day, mum and dad would make sure he was fed,

And hoped that he heard the kind things that they said

But he was still sleeping under the bed

And dreaming of fiery monsters instead


From dawn until dusk he would cower in fear

And growl and hiss whenever people came near

And it went on like this for more than a year

as his toenails grew long and his hair past his ears


Then one night he was thinking…

as he ate his cold meal

what if these fiery monsters aren’t real

And he started to wonder how sunlight might feel

When he noticed a note that said…

let’s make a deal…


We just want to show you the joys of the day,

And How birdsong is better than crickets.

A crack in the curtain won’t kill you we’re certain

And we’d rather you didn’t get rickets


If you… will not scream, when we expose the beam

You may eat all the ice cream you can,

But let out a peep and for the rest of the week

You’ll eat cold fish soup with your hands…


Up and down his bedroom he pondered and paced

At the thought of the Ice-cream that might go to waste

He wrestled for hours, with the decision he faced

till at the last, in his heart he found courage and grace


At the break of the dawn came a knock at the door,

And footsteps that walked the whole length of the floor

A hand reached across to the dread drawstring cord

And pulled until light through the wide window poured


His parents were true for they told him no lies

And the light brought a smile to his tired bloodshot eyes


It felt like a hug,

Like a warm velvet glove

Like what he’d been missing

The sun felt like love!


As the kisses rained down,

He let go of his frown,

And set off at once to the ice-cream shop in town,


And there you will find him…

As the clock strikes it noon

Eating mint chocolate chip

Without using a spoon.


Nom nom nom nom….

By Dann Casswell

The most ghostly

The Night of Fright

The floor was cold. When he got back, he realised that the cupboard was shut! He wondered what was in there and then there was a sound. It sounded a bit like this ‘brrrrrrr!’. He then opened the cupboard door and there, inside the cupboard, was a ghost! He jumped and ran all the way to Wales. He met his brothers on the way and decided to stay with them for a while.

By Olivia Simpson

The most eco-friendly:

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a small, emotionally intelligent pig called Peanuckle. He had a very high EQ score putting him in the top percentile of pigs. He didn’t know this. He had never been given an EQ test. Most of the other pigs, and most of the other animals shunned him because he was a bit weird. In fact, in those days, once upon a time, most pigs and other animals, including the human kind, shunned most of the other animals because they were judged, by their own standards, to be a bit weird. Peanuckle, who, incidently, hated exposition in all its forms, because as a piglet he had read too many famous five books, and had also developed a paranoid fear of long sentences, due to an early, and catastrophic encounter with a 13 line sentence, which had resulted in him experiencing a near death experience, due to an inability to breathe and subsequent loss of oxygen to his brain, woke up feeling strange. “Ooo I feel strange” he thought.

Feeling strange was an entirely familiar feeling for Peanuckle. He always felt strange. He had only ever felt normal on one disastrous occasion, which, mercifully, only lasted for a few minutes before he was rudely reminded that he was weird, but not, unfortunately, before he had bought many items wrapped in single use plastic, but that’s another story.

This story is about the day Peanuckle woke feeling strange, as usual, and reading his calendar, noticed it was Halloween day. Peanuckle, as I have already mentioned, to provide a context for the story, had a high IQ , and, I failed to mention, wasn’t too good with reading. He read foe-net-tickly. So he jumped out of bed, [well I say, “jumped”, but actually it was more like falling off Pulpit Rock] had an Australian shower, and rushed out into the street, shouting “Hello” at everyone and smiling in a particularly friendly, peculiarly infectious and remarkably moving way. The way he was moving moved all the animals he met, including the human kind. They all thought something extraordinarily wonderful had happened and it reminded them of the time when they had loved life with all their hearts, and they too started smiling and greeting people deeply and sincerely, because all of a sudden, everyone, while still remaining weird, appeared to them to be wonderfully wonderful.

As Peanuckle made his way around a small part of the town he lived in, shouting “hallo! Hello! Hallo!” he found himself singing a song he had once heard from some old guy who had rescued him from lonely oblivion in a baby seat store in Norway, with the help of 4 courageously curious, bravely enthusiastic, daringly delightful, and totally normal adventure girls, restored him to the lovin’ arms of the now renowned December Willow.

The song went like this, punctuated, by the greetings he was exchanging with all he met

Small is the sound of one small voice singing… “Hallo Hallo”

Small is the sound of two or of three… “Hallo HALLO Hallooo!”

But all of our voices and all of our choices… “Hallo, stop using plastic Hallo!”

Change the whole world continuously…”Hello Hallo…”

And the strangest thing happened. And when I say strange, you must remember that strange was normal, and so the strangest thing must have been exceptionally strange and

yet absolutely and completely normal. Peanuckle heard what seemed to be echoes around him. “Hello Hallo…” and like ripples from a rain drop falling in a pool that had lain untroubled for so many long, long years, the sound of the infectious smiling, and the emotionally profound connection of the deep and authentic hallo-ing spread out across the nation. The leaders called the leaders of other nations, birds flew south, buffalo roamed west, dolphins, who were already smiling felt entirely exonerated and passed on the message to Tiddler who told it to a skate. Soon the whole world was deeply connected. The shunning disappeared, Plastic was refused, reduced, reused, recycled, removed and restored. The profit motive was lost in the phil-an-throw-pic motive everyone sharing and caring. Progress ceased, because everyone was too busy loving and enjoying each other and there was no need to make the world a better place because, well, it was pretty much as strangely better as it could ever be.

Peanuckle went to sleep that night unware that he had mistaken the meaning of what he had read, and what he had, thereby, inadvertently achieved. He dreamed of butterflies and zebras, and walking in the wind, and it all felt strangely normal.

By Englebert von Splikanbergen the 23rd AKA Dune-dude AKA Tim Casswell

The Most Comedic

Never mind the Bogeyman watch out for the Bogeygirls

*To protect the innocent all names in this story have been changed

Once upon a time there was a very happily married couple called Big D and Mama J. They were an incredibly lovely pair who everybody liked and thought was just amazing. Big D had a rippling sixpack that you could grate cheese on and was just a generally handsome individual. It would not be stretching the truth to say there were statues of Greek gods that had been modelled on his physique. Mama J was just amazing all round, an incredibly strong woman who would not tolerate fools (apart from Big D), she was a force of nature and of course also talented in every field she put her mind to. She was a rocket scientist by day and kept herself amused by dabbling in brain surgery at night. Like so many couples Big D and Mama J wanted to have a family of their own and they were blessed by the good lord above with 4 special daughters. The first born was Lolly and despite the fact that she emerged from the womb with a slightly green tint and a look like some sort of alien was very loved by all. The second girl was Boozoo and she arrived with a look on her face that let everyone know that she was not a girl to be messed with and despite her slightly scary name she was also very loved. Big D and Mama J decided that with all the love in their hearts they wanted another child but unfortunately that was not the plan that Lord Jebus had for them and twins were the next to arrive, Peggy and Kate. The twins were so happy and comfortable in the womb that they decided to stay in there for 10 months rather than the normal 9 but when they did finally arrive, its no real surprise to say that they too were adored by all. In a normal world in a family with so much love it would be a case of they all lived happily ever after but of course they did not inhabit a normal world, you could say they lived in their own little world. But still for many years they did lead a very simple life and they seemed no different from any other family. That all changed at the Halloween Party of 2018. Big D for example had aged slightly and although he looked good in his Vampire costume with his snug fitting silver velvet trousers the six pack was but a distant memory and a generous paunch hung over his waistband and if he bent over there was always a glimpse of crack to be seen. Mama J still loved the crazy fool and was still a force of nature but was trying to find a way to perform brain surgery while in a rocket so she could combine her two passions and free up some of evenings to indulge her real love of party organising. Which is what brings us to the great Halloween Party of 2018. There were many clues that could have been spotted that would have maybe avoided the grossness that was to follow but to be honest, Big D was not the sharpest tool in the box and Mama J was a bit too focused on rocket surgery (as she was calling her new venture) and didn’t pick up on just how unusual her daughters had become. The party that had been organised was incredibly (the writer apologises for his small vocabulary and continuing use of this word but he is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic) over the top and the whole village had been invited and many of those who had turned up came with their burning torches and pitchforks. The costumes were the usual mix of inspiration and effort, Big D was a vampire and Mama J had come as a day of the dead character. It was the children though who really sent a shiver down the spines of all who arrived because their costumes seemed a bit too good to be costumes, it was as though they had become the characters they had dressed up as. Lolly had become Bellatrix Lestrange, right down to her casual use of the Avara Kedavra curse on anyone who didn’t recognise her while Boozoo had transformed into Maleficent. And not the nice Maleficent from the start and end of the film of the same name but the evil Maleficent from the middle part of the film and every other version of Sleeping Beauty ever. Peggy had come as a little day of the dead character and Kate as a corpse bride, both looking as though they had stepped straight from their home in the afterlife into

this story. To complete the scene setting, there was a raging thunderstorm with lightning flashes lighting up the sky enough to reveal a small gap in the storm clouds through which shone a bright full moon. But then none of this mattered because the party was inside and everyone was having loads of fun playing Halloween themed games and getting down to the catchy tunes of the ‘80s favourite bald drummer turned singer, ‘Phreaky’ Phil Collins. But there came a point in the night when the balance of sugar and alcohol consumed tipped from fun and excitement to tiredness and over-exitedness. Its hard to identify when exactly this happened but I think it was just at the point where the church bells had chimed the last bell of midnight and there was a flash of lightning and crack of thunder and then the power went out, right in the middle of Sussudio. There were screams and then silence and then screams again, closely followed by yet more silence. And it was at this point that the chanting started. This was not normal chanting like you might get from a football crowd or even from the compound of a religious cult but it was as if someone had opened the gates of hell and Beelzebub himself was speaking in a voice that could freeze blood, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. There was a stampede as villagers ran in all directions trying to escape and not wanting to leave their pitchforks and burning torches behind but the chant continued, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”, over and over again so it was pitchforks be damned, it was every man and woman for themselves. People were diving through closed windows and crashing to the ground two floors below, they were falling down stairs, they were running into each other, it was chaos but anything was better than the noise of that chant which was echoing around the valley despite the screams and the general hubbub, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya, Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. Then there was nothing, the party was over and all the guests had fled and it was just Big D and Mama J standing together in the middle of the room. It was silent finally and they both agreed that it would have been much better if people had just left at a reasonable hour rather than getting themselves drunk and letting their children run around like lunatics on a sugar high. And this thought in the silence made them wonder about their own children and what had become of them when the chant started again, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. In the darkness they grabbed on to each other, they were the only comfort they had as the chant went through them like a hot knife through butter, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. Then they noticed there was one window that had survived and not been smashed by a fleeing partygoer, and they noticed that the curtain was not fully drawn, and there was a crack of light from the full moon showing through. “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. They couldn’t be sure but it seemed like the chant was coming from the curtain, was the curtain the gateway to the seventh circle of hell or was there some other more sinister explanation. Big D, being the man he was, didn’t really want to find out and cowered behind Mama J who did not know the meaning of fear as she strode over to the window, grabbed the curtains and as the chanting grew even louder to drown out Big D’s sniffling she flung them apart to reveal…….four little ‘monsters’ standing there picking there noses and for reasons that will remain unexplained saying, “Now I’ve got ya, now I’m gonna eat ya”. “Well done girls” said Mama J, “I thought those bloody villagers would never leave. Who takes kids to a party and stays till after midnight” Big D tried to act like he knew all along what was going on and the rest of his family looked at him pityingly all thinking the same thing, “Lucky he has a strong and fearless woman to look after him’ After that party things went back to normal, Mama J decided that throwing parties was not as much fun as it sounded, Big D’s paunch continued to expand and his crack became more prominent and as for the four little girls, well they never picked their noses again!

By Big D AKA Paul Simpson

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  1. Fantastic stories! I can see why the Slime Spider won – great story arc and vinegar will win every time. The Boy Afraid of the Light was deeply moving with an uncharacteristically happy ending. I could see the Night of Fright turned into a feature film or a multi season series-[get an agent Tate] The genius of the line “I’m going to eat ya now” as the bogey girls picked their noses was stunning. Other visuals from this story will be hard to recover from. While disappointed not to win, Peanuckle and I are honoured to be in the same anthology as these works of literary brilliance.
    Englebert von Splikbergen

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