Random Nothingness

Random Nothingness

Once upon a banana, Leapacooker leaped the bum of a Dad. He was severely injured, as, mid leap, the Dad farted and Leapacooker fell from his leap. Now, in America Donald Trump screamed, then fainted, then farted which ended up sounding like this: aaagghhh! CRASH! Bbvv because a giant moth the size of a plane flew around the world. Later it was discovered to actually have been a plane and Donald was never voted for again. Stinky school, which was actually the college for art but was called stinky school because the founder of said school farted a lot, was suddenly closed down. Pamplemousse, a student there, was so disappointed that she went into hibernation with lots of pamplemousse for six years. It is rumoured that when she came out she started another art school. “Plonker is a word for someone who is very silly.” Miss Margaret told peter pig. He had been acting very silly so someone told him that he was a plonker. Having not understood what allonger was he had asked his teacher what it meant. Cool Clermont, Peter Pigs friend, was doing origami while listening to a song by Les Instruments so that he could achieve his dream: to open an origami shop. This is information about the world. In this household the family are figuring out a bizarre story about a red wolf that goes into a tree and bangs it.

The End

By Ruby Tuesday, aged 10