Christine The Christmas Tree Fairy

Christine The Christmas Tree Fairy.


Once upon a time, there were four girls, Hermione, Jewel, Trixie and Dixie. One Christmas, they went on holiday to Rainspell Island. When they arrived, they went for a walk in the woods. In one of the branches, they saw something green iced into a hole in the trunk. At first, they thought it was a butterfly, but soon realised it was a Fairy! “What can we do?” asked Trixie. As they were thinking of the answer to her question, she stumbled, and leaned against the ice. Suddenly, the ice began to melt! The girls quickly all pushed their hands on the ice. It melted, and the Fairy flew out! She had a green dress, and pale brown tights, and a rose crown on her head. When she saw the Girls, she tried to fly away. But Jewel quickly caught her. “Stop! We don’t want to hurt you,” said Jewel. “What is your name?” asked Hermione. “I – I am Christine, and I am the Christmas Tree Fairy,” she replied. “Who are you?” “I’m Hermione,” replied Hermione, “And this is Jewel, Trixie and Dixie.” “Why were you in there?” Asked Trixie. “Because I have an Enemy, Jack Frost, who is trying to make everyone unhappy, Because the Queen of Fairyland is planning a surprise Christmas ball For The King, but because Jack Frost does not live in Fairyland, we forgot to write an invitation to him.  So he hid all of  my sisters, out of Fairyland, because if they weren’t in Fairyland, then they could not let any decorations or Puddings, and things of importance can’t be hung up, or be made, or used. And when I tried to find my sisters, his goblins froze me in that tree.” Replied Christine. “How?” asked Jewel, shocked that someone could be so cruel. Imagine a life without sisters! “Well, Jack Frost is the King of Ice, and his servants freeze things they get to close to.” She explained. “I hid in there, and they saw me, and froze me in! And the worst part is everyone in the Human World and Fairyland won’t be able to put up Christmas Trees, and even if they manage, they won’t be able to hang things on it!” “But why not?” asked Hermione. “Well, because I am not in Fairyland, I cannot work my magic. And so, I can’t help make Christmas perfect.” “I remember you said that you had sisters,” said Jewel, “And I just wondered if they are also Christmas Tree Fairies, and what their names are.” “No, they are different kinds of Fairies, and their names are Hollie the Holly Fairy, Pauline the Christmas Pudding Fairy, Branwen the Bauble Fairy, Tia the Tinsel Fairy, Sarah the -sob- the Bethlehem Star Fairy and, – sob- Jessica the Jingle Bells fairy.” Replied Christine. She was crying now because of the memory of her sisters. “I m-miss them s-so much!” she cried. “We need to get you to Fairyland!” Cried Trixie. “Of course!” cried Christine. “Let’s go!” she sprinkled fairy dust on them, and they felt a whizzing sensation. When they hit land again, they were in a beautiful land. “Welcome to Fairyland” said Christine. She then turned Hermione, Jewel, Trixie and Dixie into Fairies. They flew to the palace and got such a fright at they scene before them. The Queen was tied up, and the king had fainted.  They quickly untied the queen, when Jack Frosts goblins burst in, took Christine, and disappeared. “Girls, it is up to you.”  Cried the Queen. “Go to the Pot-At-The-End-Of-The-Rainbow, where Rachel and Kirsty Found Ruby!” and she whizzed them away. When they landed again, they were Human again. They saw the Pot-At-The-End-Of-The-Rainbow and hurried to it. When they got there, Ruby flew out and when she saw who it was, she flew back in. But Hermione called: “We are friends of Christine the Christmas Tree Fairy, and she has been captured by the Goblins! The queen sent us here for your help to find her!” Ruby flew out. “Christine has been captured, you say? I cannot leave, but I can give you gifts to help you on your way along. So. To Hermione I give the power to Turn Humans Into Fairies. To Dixie, I give the power to Heal. To Trixie, I give the power to Freeze things. To Jewel, I give the power to Find Things. And all of you have the power to make yourself invisible. But. There is a rule. When you find her, you must ask her to return these powers to me. That is only because I am a Fairy, and we need to be careful. If you don’t ask her, then I know I have been tricked, and you will never be able to leave. Goodbye, and good luck.” After that, she returned to the Pot-At-The-End-Of-The-Rainbow. Hermione quickly turned them into Fairies, and they all vanished themselves, but found they could still see each other. Jewel Found Jack Frosts Castle, and they flew to it. When they got there, all the Goblins were all around the castle, watching everyone, and everything. They would never get in! But then Trixie had an idea. She froze the whole palace! “Good thinking, Batman!” Cried Jewel. “What does that mean?” Asked Hermione. “Uh, nothing.” Mumbled Jewel. “Now let’s go!” they flew all over the castle looking for Christine. They found her in the prison. The girls quickly melted the ice around her with their hands. “Hmph!” Said Christine when she was unfrozen. “That’s the second time I have been frozen to-“ she blinked a couple of times, and then “Girls! She tried to fly to them, but “your wing! It- its broken!” cried Jewel. “Fix it with your magic!” said Hermione. “I can’t!” cried Christine. My Wings are crucial to my Magic!” “I have an idea!” said Dixie. She put her hand through the cell door and held Christine’s Wing. Suddenly, it glowed, and mended itself! “Let’s go!” Cried Christine. They were about to leave, when Jewel realised something. “Wait!” she cried. “Christine, Ruby the Red Fairy let us borrow her powers. But she said that we had to ask you to give them back to her, or else she would not let us leave Rainspell, for fear of us not actually knowing about you, and that if we left, then we would tell others about the existence of Fairies.” Christine then returned Ruby’s powers to her, and they set off. (If you were wondering, Jack Frost and his Goblins unfroze as soon as Ruby’s powers were returned) Once they arrived in Fairyland, the King woke up, and they Celebrated! But suddenly, a jolt shook the earth, and everyone fell over. When they all stood back up, Hermione, Jewel, Trixie and Dixie had disappeared. The girls got up from the Jolt to Find they were in their house again. Was it a dream? They asked each other but as if to prove them wrong, a shimmer of Fairydust fell on their heads. Also 4 necklaces, that lit up from the inside. Also, a note that said: Always Trust In Yourself. Xxx Fairyland.

By Ruby Tuesday, 10 Years.